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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Leadership Lesson: One’s Ability to Lead Is Tied To This.. 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: One’s Ability to Lead Is Tied To This..

I just did a podcast swap with a new friend Ben Newman.

Ben and I were introduced through our mutual friend Amberly Lago.

We both come from the Midwest, from homes with abandoned fathers who were addicts, went to the same university, and have a passion for coaching, winning, and leading.

Kindred spirits.

Ben was just rated top 5 mindset coaches of the year by USA Today along with Tim Grover, Ed Mylett, Mel Robins, and Brendan Berchard.

He worked for the GOAT, Nick Saban for 5 years as a Peak Mindset Coach and won the 2020 National Championship with the University of Alabama. 

He also won 3 national championships at North Dakota State and a Big 12 Conference championship with Kansas State.

He’s a winner, a world-class leader, and his mantra is “Standard Over Feelings”.

On our podcast swap, which his episode drops on July 24, he shared the below leadership lesson. 

“Bryce, your ability to lead someone else is directly tied to the discipline in which you lead yourself.”

Mic Drop.

Breaking it down, discipline is a key ingredient in self-leadership and that of others.

Want to be a better leader?

Start with developing your discipline muscle.