Dysfunction #4: Lack of Accountability

Dysfunction #4: Lack of Accountability

Dysfunction #4: Lack of Accountability 150 150 Bryce Henson

We learned in our previous weeks that in order to lead any team, you need trust which fosters healthy conflict, healthy conflict in turn fosters commitment, and commitment fosters accountability

But what if you have a break in the chain of being able to hold each other accountable?!

Sady, this becomes insurmountable for any team.


Only with a strong level of accountability, can you produce results. 

In fact, as part of our EOS model in operating our business, every critical aspect of the business requires 1 person to “own the accountability.”

This is because if multiple people are accountable to any task or department, then no one is.

As accountability forces positive pressure to drive results.

And results are what every successful team needs in order to continue to operate which is the 5th dysfunction of a team

More next week!