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Monday Mindset – Be the Hero.. (time sensitive) 1024 957 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – Be the Hero.. (time sensitive)

While humanity continues to navigate through the COVID pandemic… 


There’s a much bigger pandemic statically speaking and wreaking much more long-term havoc in our community that the media doesn’t talk too much about..

This is the obesity pandemic and it’s raging on faster than ever before and on the verge of affecting 50% of our citizens by CDC latest report..

“Coach Bryce that’s not good, but is obesity really that bad?” you might ask..

Well, here are some insights and stats from the CDC specific to the effects of obesity:


  • It absolutely crushes your long-term health, reducing your quality of life.
  • It makes your body and organs work harder just to survive.
  • It statistically shortens your life upwards of a decade in some studies..
  • It causes emotional depression and shame.
  • It’s expensive as costs the average American $1,479 more in annual health care costs just by being obese.. 
  • It increases your probability of type 2 diabetes.
  • And compounds the effects of COVID, heart disease and ultimately any disease you come across. 


That all said and to provide you a positive message this morning…


There is hope and you are part of the solution!

You see the CDC reports with 2 high-intensity interval workouts per week with strength training. Along with an increase in hydration and reduction of sugars, this pandemic can be eliminated.

So I acknowledge you for reading his content and investing in your health and fitness!!


As my team and I are on a GIANT mission of Inspiring Fitness, Changing Lives, and battling the obesity pandemic through our workout and coaching programs.


And we also need your help!


In response to recent inflation, we will be increasing our membership rates for new campers only beginning on November 1.


Therefore, we are offering a free week of boot camp to all your family, friends, and co-workers now through the end of the month as a good act of faith to help our community.


And to sweeten the deal, when anyone you introduce signs up for membership prior to November 1, they will be locked into our current membership rates.


So today want to acknowledge you for taking care of yourself. For investing in your health and fitness. 


And to encourage you to continue to be the hero by introducing 1-2 loves ones to boot camp so we can make a difference in more lives..


Please share this email and thanks for being a hero!! Let’s make it a GREAT week!


-Coach Bryce


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PSS Meet Russel who is another hero. He just crossed the 1,000 session mark, has dropped 75lbs, lifted himself out of obesity and wants the same for you!

Monday Mindset – Life’s special moments.. 768 1024 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – Life’s special moments..

This past weekend was very special as my sister Emma was married in San Diego which was fantastic.
My 2nd memory of life was the day she was born and something I will never forget.
And passing her off to her husband Bobby on Saturday evening will also be in the same category as something I always remember.
As I reflect, there are so many emotions and takeaways given the significance of the event.
But this was the thought that came running through my mind yesterday specific to you…
Yes, being healthy and fit will drastically help your life. You will be happier, stronger, better, and possess more vibrancy to navigate through life.
This is for certain.
Although the biggest benefit it can provide you is that it allows you to be present for your siblings, your parents, your kids, your spouse, and your loved ones.
It ensures you have the physical ability to be there to support them in the good times and bad. And in the special moments, the highlights and lowlights of life which there are many of each.
So, my message today is to remind you that your health and fitness are about you, but also about much more than you.
And it’s extremely important to never forget that…
Happy Monday and here’s to a great week ahead!
-Coach Bryce
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Monday Mindset – I dropped 80 lbs. & 8 pant sizes, and that is freedom.. 1024 788 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – I dropped 80 lbs. & 8 pant sizes, and that is freedom..

Meet my friend Natalie. 


I am so incredibly proud of her for putting in the hard work. 💪👏🙌


I am also proud of our coaches and YOU for the support you have provided Natalie and our entire fit family. 🥰🔥🙏

Today’s message is to inspire you through her story as her video is below which include some strong mindset quotes. 👇



“I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember, and it really took a toll.”


“The biggest change has been in my compensation. I went from a size 16 to 8, and that’s freedom”. 


“For me to reach this point, it’s pivotal and gratifying. I am so beyond grateful to be here.”


“When you go from motivation to discipline. When it becomes a habit, it’s beautiful.”

“I’ve never been the type to think working out is fun. But with Fit Body Boot Camp, working out IS A LOT OF FUN!”


Click HERE!


-Coach Bryce


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Monday Mindset: The ultimate gateway drug 804 972 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: The ultimate gateway drug

On Friday I was invited to be on a self-development podcast.🎙
In the episode, I was asked about a habit that I acquired which has helped me in business and in life.
Undoubtedly, the answer was simple. 👇
“Fitness” as it’s the gateway drug to a better life. In fact, it is the solution to all of these questions and many more:
  • Want more energy?⚡
  • Want a better body? 💪
  • Want more confidence? 👌
  • Want more mental clarity? 🧠
  • Want more happiness? 🥰
  • Want better relationships?💕
  • Want more money?💲💲💲
  • Want better sleep? 😴
  • Want a better life? 🙌
Yes, that is right, fitness is the ultimate gateway drug to a better life. ✔💯
And the best part is, while it’s not easy, it’s simple.
Here is the formula:
Attend at least 3+ boot camps per week, drink ½ your body weight in ounces every day, sleep 7+ hours a night. Pick up the protein and put down the sugar.
Now go out and use this gateway drug to better your life.
-Coach Bryce
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Monday Mindset: The start of something great… 682 316 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: The start of something great…

I remember when I first started my fitness program that changed my life.

It was January 2007, and I lived in Newport Beach California. 

I had made a few previous attempts at getting fit. Although nothing seemed to stick.

But this time was going to be different. 


This time, I had the support of a coach which ended up being game changer.


Yes, the first few months of doing circuit training, lifting weights, executing HIIT cardio and tracking my food, was not easy.

Many times, I felt like quitting.


In fact, a few times I almost did.


As my muscles ached, my cardio was not strong, and my body hurt most days.


But I stuck with it. 


And 1 week turned into 2. Then 2 to 3.  


And about 2 months my friends began noticing the changes they saw.


About 3 months in, I noticed too.

About 6 months in I had stripped away 20 lbs. of body fat, replaced it with muscle and finally begin to get fit and become even more motivated.


Remember, the start is ALWAYS the hardest. 


Now looking ahead and how this applies to you?

Today is a big day.


We have over 8,000 people in North America embarking on a journey of change enrolled in our Fall Transformation/Nutrition Challenge! 


All this to be a better version of themselves.

So if a guy like me, without any fitness background or initial desire to lift weights/eat clean can do it, anyone can.


Which is my message for you today.


Just start. Put 1 foot in front of the next. 


It might not be immediate. It won’t be easy at first.


But you will see progress. 


It will get easier. 


You will still get frustrated. You will even feel like quitting on occasion.

But if you keep showing up, you will be successful like the thousands of transformations we have supported in the last decade.


You can and will do this!


-Coach Bryce


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Monday Mindset: “If I hadn’t started with Fit Body… I could be dead.” 1024 570 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: “If I hadn’t started with Fit Body… I could be dead.”

Have you ever been out of shape or overweight? 


Maybe you are currently embarrassed with the way you look and feel?


Well, friend and Fit Body client Jeff can relate. 


Before starting with us..


He had the health of a “72 year old” according to his Garman data tracker. He weighed in at a whopping 269lbs and had a 44 inch waist line.


But enough was enough and Jeff accepted the Fit Body Challenge.

It wasn’t easy. 


The 1st week he could only do 5 minutes without feeling gassed.

But he came back the 2nd week, then the 3rd week, then the 4th week.

And with the support of our coaches and family, he began to see a difference.

This inspired him to continue to put in the work.

And with that commitment and some time, he dropped the weight and his life changed.

Check out his story HERE!


And my question is will you?


-Coach Bryce

PS here is your LAST chance to join our Final Transformation Challenge of 2021:


Yorba Linda –
Mission Viejo –

Monday Mindset: Remember their labor.. ❤️ 779 768 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Remember their labor.. ❤️

As Labor Day is already here and I hope you enjoy yourself. But let’s not forget the fallen and stranded American citizens and allies who cannot celebrate.
The fact is that they labored for us so we could enjoy a healthy, fit and fulfilling life. I believe it’s our duty and obligation to not let their sacrifice be in vain.
Below is a message I shared on social last week and hope you gain value. Have a great Monday and holiday.
In the midst of this tragedy and chaos..
I am taking a moment to honor our lost loved ones. And our fellow Americans and Ally troops stranded.
You are true heroes and here to acknowledge your sacrifice, it will not be in vain.
Over the years, I have learned that leadership is always the problem and always the solution.
In this continued challenging time, I feel embarrassment, frustration, and rage like many of you.
While much of this is outside our control, my call to action today is to focus on what is within our control.
Do not let these lives lost be in vain.
Turn any of these strong emotions towards good, as every challenge contains a seed of opportunity.
And in the words of Tim Grover, friend and Michael Jordan’s former personal trainer…
“Michael unleashed 48 minutes of controlled rage against his opponents, and for his team every single night.”
So to honor the lives lost both past and future, I will do the same against our opponent (obesity) and for my team (local and global community) for the betterment of humanity.
I would encourage you to do the same in whatever area is your calling.
Leadership is always the problem and always the solution.
And while many times, you cannot control top-line leadership…
Lead yourself and others to a better life.
Thank you to those who have served. And may our protectors Rest In Peace.
-Coach Bryce
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Monday Mindset: Sad it’s over, but grateful it happened.. ❤️ 150 150 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: Sad it’s over, but grateful it happened.. ❤️

This past weekend was bittersweet as we sent off Coach Jenn to a new chapter in her career in the medical field..
She served our Yorba Linda team and clients for the better part of the last 8 years. She was a client for nearly 9. 🙏
To her credit, she was one of the best coaches Tatiana and I have ever led or worked with brand-wide. 💪🏽
When the average fitness coach stays in the industry less than 6 months.. This is an incredible accomplishment and a testament to her dedication to her craft and love for our clients.
And while sad for us, we are happy for her. Even more so, grateful that she continued to lead by example from start through finish in incredible fashion. 🙏
From top to bottom, the right way.
For Tatiana and I, it was especially refreshing and touching, being she was there for us since the very beginning.
Far before we had an incredibly stocked facility, dialed in operations, or with any credibility/trust in the community and with very few clients.
Far before I was announced the CEO of an international franchise or any proven success in our industry.
Back when we only had 4 walls and some mats without any equipment, credibility, or clientele. Scared and vulnerable, just after investing our life savings into this dream.
Humble beginnings to put it nicely. ❤️
Yet, there she was from the beginning..
Jenn, we love you. Your legacy will live on. You lived and breathed our core value of “Exceeding Expectations” every day. And Tatiana, team, clients, and I could have asked for nothing more.. ❤️
Below is my sendoff note from Saturday. If this resonated, my call to action today is to reach out to someone who has helped you in your journey and let them know how much you appreciate them.
-Coach Bryce
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Monday Mindset: How Rachel dropped 26lbs & 10.6% body fat.. 💃 834 498 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset: How Rachel dropped 26lbs & 10.6% body fat.. 💃

Rachel played sports her whole life.
But that came to a screeching halt after college.
She decided to take 2 weeks off, which turned into a year.
Maybe you can relate?
But after looking at the scale and feeling embarrassed, she became motivated to change.
That is when she set out to find “her new team” which was Fit Body.
After tapping into the support of our coaches, she put in the work. As a result, has dropped 26lbs, and 10.6% body fat.
But more than that, she feels confident to take pictures again and even supports others on their journey.
“That’s what Fit Body did for me. Now I can help others too.”
-Coach Bryce
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Monday Mindset – “I was the loser, and then I became the winner.” 🏋️ 1024 540 Bryce Henson

Monday Mindset – “I was the loser, and then I became the winner.” 🏋️

“I was the loser, and then I became the winner”..
These are the words from our friend and client Russel Crabtree describing his incredible transformation at Fit Body Boot Camp. 🎉
Before this happened and looking back, he clocked in at 220+ lbs. and was in bad shape. 🙀
This was especially after a humbling visit with his family, and the moment he knew he needed a serious change.
He remembered hearing about Fit Body Boot Camp from a friend. So he looked us up and discovered the Fall Challenge was his entry point.
It was uncomfortable, it was hard, but he committed and put in the work. And as a result of his dedication and with our coaching support, he dropped 30lbs. 💪
This was the catalyst for his incredible transformation to follow which is the same thing we want for you..
So let me ask you, what are you waiting for?
-Coach Bryce
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PS If you have a story you would like to inspire our family with; please click HERE.