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Humble Roots

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

“Humble Roots” is a core value of my brother Barrett’s local team in Berkley Fit Body Boot Camp.

This is very fitting for him and us.💪


I can speak for both of us in that we resent the opposite of humble roots which is “entitlement”.

I suppose there are a few reasons for this.

The most prominent is because, for 1st world standards, we come from humble roots.🌱

And this my friend, is a blessing.🙏

You see…

By the grace of God, our angel of a mother Donna escaped our father’s grasp in August of 1991.

She was in a verbally abusive relationship for years, but then it got physical.


My dad was an alcoholic, and drug addict and had issues with gambling.

As you would imagine..

This created a big issue with the family dynamic and our safety.

While we were living in a rural part of Georgia at the time.

Within a week from things getting violent, we went from going into hiding to landing with my grandma in Detroit, Michigan.

This saved us from a shelter or even worse..

So on 1 hand it was a HUGE WIN for our lives to escape that situation..

On the other hand..

We soon found ourselves in a foreign place, with a foreign culture, with foreign accents and a hard landing coming from the deep south. 

This hard landing continued for the better part of the decade.

This is while Donna busted her butt to do everything within her ability to raise her kids.👊

This is why my brother and I have so much love for her.🥰

So why do I share this today?

The experience is fresh in my mind.

As I just got back from a week trip to visit my Donna, Barrett, and family in Michigan.

It was an incredible time filled with lots of work, plenty of boot camp workouts, and some family time intertwined.

Whenever I go back, I’m always filled with bittersweet memories.

The memories of the good.🙏

The memories of the struggle.💥

It also reminds me of my humble roots.✨

I value this and hope you do too, which is my message today.

As when you attack fitness & life from a “humble roots” perspective.

It creates an incredible amount of work ethic and drive.

It creates a mentality where everything is earned, nothing given.

It creates an “extreme ownership” mentality.

So, as I reflect on this past week, here’s a good “humble roots” framework to follow if you want to be successful at fitness or in life.

  • Check your ego at the door.
  • Roll up them sleeves.
  • Understanding it’s going to be hard.
  • Sweat is required.
  • Hard work is the mantra.
  • Nothing is given.
  • Everything is earned.
  • It will be harder than you think.
  • But it will be more fulfilling than you can even imagine.
  • Now get ready, the time is NOW!

Make it a GREAT week!🌟

-Coach Bryce

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Leadership Lesson: #10 The Law of Connection

On the Law of Connection, John Maxwell writes…

“When it comes to working with people, the heart comes before the head.” 

Logic is important.

But alone it will only take you so far. 

In order to really get people on board with your mission & leadership, you need to connect with their HEARTS through their emotions.

Yes, people are EMOTIONAL beings. People need to feel LOVED and VALUED around their emotions. 


There are many ways to do this, but here are a few:

    • Be open and vulnerable. When you share your inner feelings & struggles, it creates a deep connection.
    • Be curious. Ask questions about THEM!
    • Use the phrase: “Enough about me, how about you? How are you, what’s new? Tell me about that trip, etc!”
    • Then LISTEN intently!
    • Be PRESENT. This makes people feel valued.
    • Engage. Create and hold eye contact. 
    • Share gratitude and love. When sincere, tell someone you love them early and often.

When you create connections around emotion, people put their guard down, you gain friendship and INFLUENCE which is the foundation of leadership.

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70 years of wisdom

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

This past Friday was a special one as Tatiana and I celebrated my dear friend Mara’s 70th B Day.🎉

Mara and I met in June 2014.

She lives in south Orange County, but was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I’ve been taking Brazilian Portuguese private lessons with her every weekend for nearly 10 years.🇧🇷

And unless a very special circumstance or either of us are traveling, we meet every weekend with incredible consistency.

Now she started as my 2nd language teacher behind my mother-in-law. 🙂

And with time, she’s become one of my closest friends in life.

I now consider her my 3rd mom after my dear mother Donna and Mother in Law Cristina nearly 10 years into our relationship.🙏

I feel blessed.

Now to unpack this, there are so many lessons she’s taught me about her language, her culture, and her life packed with 70 years of wisdom.✨

But probably the biggest lesson is the value of relationships in coaching which is the industry I’ve chosen to pursue a career in.💥

Yes, I am a very disciplined guy which has kept me committed.

In fact, one of my superpowers is that I can lock in on a target for an unreasonable amount of time to get the desired result.

However, the truth is that the main reason I keep coming back week in and week out is only partially due to discipline.

The other significant part is driven due to our relationship.

Mara is a beautiful soul coming from a completely different walk of life who I love.🥰

She grew up in another country & continent on the other side of the world 30 years before I made my entrance to planet earth.

She’s an incredible listener.👂

She makes conversation fun.🤗  

She’s very thoughtful and compassionate.

She’s very curious.

She knows her craft well.

And best of all, she cares.  


In fact, there’s been only 1 time in 10 years she’s needed to cut out of the lesson first. That’s such a cool fact I like to share in that I FEEL her love and support.

This makes lessons with her fly by as I focus on the relationship.🌟

And as a byproduct, I have gained fluency in her beautiful language after years of putting in the work which I have no plans on stopping.

And this my friend, is the takeaway.

Today’s message is for you to pick something that’s meaningful to you in which you want to achieve.  Yes, something hard that will both challenge and change you.

This could be fitness, business, or any hobby that catches your fancy. 

The more time to master, the better as that will 10x the fullfiment. 

Then seek out guidance from someone who’s gone where you want to go.

After all, guides show you the path.

But also know that all guides are not created equal.

So, ensure you mesh well with them. Ensure they are passionate about the subject you are learning as passion transfers.

Ensure you have common ground, and you genuinely like them.  

And then focus on the RELATIONSHIP, not just the transaction of learning.🌟

This is where long term consistency and results resid, even when the going gets tough. Trust me, the going will get tough, and you will feel like quitting often.

But when this feeling hits, the RELATIONSHIP will carry you through.

This is what has worked for me and what I teach my team of coaches here in Mission Viejo.👊

This approach has allowed me to accomplish a very challenging goal, and greatly fulfilled my life in the process.

My hope is you achieve the same success and fulfillment in whatever you are after.🔥

And of course, if you ever need help, my team and I are here.

Make it a GREAT week!💪

-Coach Bryce 

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Leadership Lesson: #9 The Law of Magnetism 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: #9 The Law of Magnetism

In his chapter on the Law of Magnetism, John Maxwell makes an essential but not always obvious point: Your teammates likely have a lot in common with you. 


People tend to gravitate toward others who are similar. You might notice this in your friend groups, and it’s true of your team as well!

As Maxwell says, “The better leader you are, the better leaders you will attract.” 

If you’re unhappy with the people you attract, you must focus on your own personal and leadership development.

This is a notion I constantly remind myself of which is why I wanted to share with you.

Today’s message:

Remember that leadership is an inside game. Focus on your continued development and growth. Stay fit and active. Get involved with a positive/ supportive community and be a student of learning.

You will then attract the right people into your team and life using the law of magnetism. 

Don’t overlook this foundation fo r success. 150 150 Bryce Henson

Don’t overlook this foundation fo r success.


This Saturday our team of coaches here in Mission Viejo executed our quarterly team training.

We aligned as a team.✨

We discussed the game plan for the next 90 days.

We discussed how to better support our clients.

We reviewed the form coaches training provided at our World Conference event last month in Dallas. 

And most importantly, we focused on the basics of coaching which was a great reset.🔥


Life comes at you fast.👊

But if you take a step back, you realize that success leaves clues.

Whether it’s in professional sports, hard charging business executives, or great parents..

A commonality is that they focus on the basics which compound all aspects of their lives.💥

They eat well.

They get enough sleep.

They train 3-4x per week.

They invest time in their family & relationships.

They work hard.

They focus on learning & growing personally and professionally.

My friend, these are the basics..

No, they are not glamorous but where success resides!

So as our 10LB. Fall Challenge kicks off today..

Let’s take the next few weeks and focus on the basics. 

As this will set you up for long term success!🌟

-Coach Bryce 

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Leadership Lesson: #8 The Law of Intuition 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: #8 The Law of Intuition

After a few weeks off for some variety, we are going to return to John Maxwell’s next 7 laws of leadership in the following weeks.

Specific to number 8, the Law of Inutrition..

Maxwell acknowledges that it’s more challenging than other laws to explain because it’s more fluid and less concrete. 

He describes, “The Law of Intuition is based on facts plus instinct plus other intangible factors, such as employee morale, organizational momentum, and relational dynamics.”

Because of this, intuition is much harder to teach although not impossible.

I also personally believe some people have better leadership instincts than others which is the “Nature” part of this equation.

Think Nature vs. Nurture. 

However, everyone can improve their leadership skills and become a strong leader via the nurture component for those who possess a student mindset.

This is why I strongly believe to be a student of leadership, you have to be a student of human nature.

With focus and intentionality, you can learn how people behave. 

And more specifically, learn from situations of high pressure or stress as this is when human nature is truly revealed. 

Today’s message:

Pay attention to how people behave.

Be observant on what things make them angry or happy. What things attract, repel or make people very emotional? 

Study people constantly with curiosity.

More specifically, learn from situations of high pressure or stress as this is when human nature is more deeply revealed. 

When you do, you will increase your intuition and become a better leader.

Freedom 150 150 Bryce Henson


Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

This past weekend I gave a keynote at the BK Live Event hosted by my business partner & founder of Fit Body, Bedros Keuilian.

In my talk, I covered why I decided to stop going down the bad path of drugs and alcohol in my 20’s.🥃

I described the pain of my rock bottom moment nearly 7 years ago. 

But also the hope & solution I found when I eventually sought help. 

In a nutshell, my message was that you can take action to rewrite your story for a better and a FREER life at any time. 

This is true for you too, even if you feel stuck at the moment. 

If you can relate, I would encourage you to ask for help and seek support from a coach/community.✨

When you do, you will increase your probability to focus on your fitness, become more disciplined, and make better choices..

And while tough at first..

You eventually gain more FREEDOM!⚡️

This message is also very important today being Monday, September 11.

As today marks the 22 year anniversary of the dreadful day where FREEDOM was attacked and many lives lost when the twin towers in New York City were hit.🗽

My hope that we will never forget and always understand the true value of FREEDOM while honoring the lives lost.🙏

And lastly, to encourage you to live with urgency so you are empowered to rewrite your story of health, wellness and fitness NOW to gain more of the FREEDOM you deserve.💪

If you need help, message back or click the link below. ⬇️

-Coach Bryce 

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Leadership Lesson: The Incredible Leadership of Adolf Hitler 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: The Incredible Leadership of Adolf Hitler

I trust the headline got your attention. 

While it’s absolutely sincere, I don’t mean it in the way you most likely initially thought.

The truth is Adolf Hitler was an evil-evil man.

Let me repeat, and evil-evil man.

But also an INCREDIBLE leader.

You see, while leadership usually gets a positive connotation.

When you break it down to the core..

Leadership is just a tool. 

By itself, it’s neutral.

Here are a couple of other examples of what I mean..

Some people say money is good, others say its bad.

In reality, money is a tool, it is neutral. 

It can be used to create beautiful things or destroy them.

Same with energy.

it’s a tool and also neutral.

It can power civilizations or destroy them (Atomic Bomb).

Why is this my leadership topic for today?

Because 2 weeks ago, I visited hell on Earth from the years of 1941-1945 via the concentration camp of Auschwitz in Poland.

This was Adolf Hitzler’s most famous death camp in World War 2 that killed over 1 million Jewish people alone. 

Truthfully, I didn’t want to go.

Which was the exact reason why I had to go.

If you ever thought if things were not going your way..

As a friend and very lovingly, I politely urge you to gain some perspective. 

This was the coaching I gave to myself.

As I needed a dose of this medicine.

So I am not preaching at you, rather with you.

And by experiencing just the memory made me realize I need to step up my gratitude, perspective & leadership game.

My message today?

Leadership is perspective. 

Perspective is leadership.

It’s also a very powerful tool that you have a duty, obligation, and responsibility to develop and use for good.

Please never forget this.

And as humans, I strongly believe we all have a duty, obligation, and responsibility to see what happened with our own eyes in Auschwitz at some point in your life to gain more perspective.

And if you have already much love, respect, and would love your feedback.

PS “Those who don’t study/remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

Do you Labor? 150 150 Bryce Henson

Do you Labor?

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

Today is Labor Day here in the states.🇺🇸

I did some research on the origin and this is what came up on Wikipedia..

“Labor Day is a federal holiday in the United States celebrated on the first Monday in September to honor and recognize the American labor movement and the works and contributions of laborers to the development and achievements of the United States.The three-day weekend it falls on is called Labor Day Weekend.”

While I believe this is a noble cause.✨

I do have some concerns.

Speaking freely..

I see a lot of entitlement & resistance to labor in our country as of late.

Now regardless of the root cause on a macro level..

My mindset message today is intended to make you think and inspire you on a micro level..

So it’s time to take moral inventory.💥

I challenge you to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, whole heartedly..

Do you labor?

What I mean this is..

  • Do you give it your all every day?
  • Are you active in your fitness?
  • Are you challenging yourself to grow in your fitness, family and finances to achieve the best version of you every single day?

Time is fleeting.⌛️

If your answer is no, let this day be a good wake up call to step your fitness, family and finances game. As the time is NOW!

If your answer is yes, enjoy some well deserved time off with your loves ones, and then get ready to attack your week ahead!💪

As rest is important, but AFTER the labor and never before.

Happy Labor Day!🎉

-Coach Bryce 

PS I am excited to announce our 8 Week Fall Challenge which starts Monday September 18. I will send registration info on Wednesday so stay tuned!

Leadership Lesson: Why I Study Leadership 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: Why I Study Leadership

At my core, I love people way more than other aspects of business.

Actually, it’s not even close.  

In fact, I believe the best leaders in the world have a deep love for people at their foundation.

As leadership (and people) are both very difficult. Very difficult. So you have to genuinely have a love for them, otherwise it’s too much.

And while this is at the foundation of strong leadership, that alone is not enough.

So I wanted to share another driver for me in the spirit of being vulnerable and raw with you.

Aside from loving people and seeing the incredible value of aligning people towards a common goal. 

Which ultimately is just what leadership is..

I’ve also learned that leading by example, which is referred to as the “Morale Authority”, is the most influential way to lead.

The hard part?

At my core, I’m far from perfect. 

In fact, I have many many flaws. Being an addict is 1 of the most severe. 

I’ve been addicted to drugs & alcohol just to name a few. These are all very selfish and not selfish endeavors. 

I wish it wasn’t so, but this is my ugly truth.

However, I’ve also learned through both life and my Stoic Philosophy, you can turn your biggest weakness into your biggest strength.

As left to my own devices with my selfish addiction, I could easily be on the streets & homeless in the most severe circumstances.

Sounds extreme, but it’s true. 

In fact, every time I see a homeless addict, I see a vision for what my life could easily become if I don’t focus on serving others.

I am the German Shepherd Bedros refers to.

However, the thing that keeps me grounded is my desire to add value to you, our team, owners and clients.

As if every day I strive to be a better leader for myself and others. This way, I can use this accountability to redirect my darkness to the light. 

So in the most selfless and selfish ways, my love for people and serving you, keeps me clean of alcohol, my biggest Kryptonite 24 hours at a time since December 2016.

My leadership message today?

Turn whatever is your weakness or lowest moment in your life, into a positive and for battling cry in the service other people. 

When you do this, your leadership grows and your following wins.