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Leadership Lesson: The 3 Pillars 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: The 3 Pillars

It’s been an inspiring 10 weeks going through Jon Gordon’s 10 leadership principles from his bestseller The Energy Bus.

I trust you received value that you apply to better your leadership.

Looking ahead, I want to share with you the 3 pillars of leadership which are at the foundation of the way I look at leadership. 

Simply put:

  • Lead Yourself
  • Lead your Family
  • Lead your Empire

The order is paramount and here’s why.

You cannot lead your family, a team, a department, a coaching group, a company, or a franchise system.

If you cannot lead yourself first.

Bottom line.

In the next 3 weeks, I will share with you 3 principles on how to lead yourself better.

Stay tuned.

[MM]: The Parable Of Two Wolves 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: The Parable Of Two Wolves

Happy Monday!

My wife Tatiana sent me this parable and wanted to share to educate and inspire!

In a small village nestled between a forest and the hills, there lived an old man known for his wisdom. 

One evening, as the sun painted the sky with hues of orange and purple, he sat outside his quaint cottage with his young grandson, who always yearned for his stories and lessons about life.

“Grandfather,” the boy said, “tell me, what is the most important lesson for a person to learn?”

The man smiled and gazed into the distance, where the shadows of the trees were merging with the night.

“Inside each of us is a fierce battle that rages on,” he said. “It’s like two wolves constantly at war with each other.

One wolf represents darkness and despair—it is anger, jealousy, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. 

It thrives on our worst impulses and feeds on our failures.

“The other wolf embodies light and hope-it is joy, peace, love, hope, calmness, humility, kindness, empathy, generosity and faith.”

The boy, absorbed in his grandfather’s words, asked with a sense of urgency, “But, grandfather, if they are always fighting, which wolf wins?”

The man looked deeply into his grandson’s eyes and said softly..

“The one you feed, my child. The one you feed.”

My call to action today is to feed your inner wolf that embodies light, joy, peace and hope. 

Have a great Monday!

Bryce Henson
CEO, Fit Body 

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Leadership Lesson: Rule #10 Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: Rule #10 Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride

Leadership is tough.

It takes guts and is not for the faint of heart.

It requires sacrifice.

It will test you.

Most times it’s riddled with pressure and is uncomfortable.

While true.

Still, it’s a journey.

One to be enjoyed.


Now and again, take a step back.

Smell the roses and have some fun.

After all, leadership is about the ride toward the destination.

So take time to enjoy it.

Then back to work.

[MM]: Transformed People, Transform People! 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: Transformed People, Transform People!

Happy Monday!

The headline is what I taught my fellow coaches within the Fit Body brand this past weekend.


This is to ensure they take big focus on recruiting and developing their team.

After all, our coaches:

  • Create the experience and results for our clients.
  • Are the foundation of our Fit Body program.
  • Are our product here at Fit Body! 

This is why putting a giant focus on developing a strong has been our focus for years. 

It’s a huge reason for our client, business and brand success.

This is why our Mission Viejo team of full-time coaches and a group of 140+ coaches from other Fit Body locations across North America united this past weekend in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

We executed our 18th Elite training and was the best 1 yet.

We learned, we grew, and we connected.

My brother Barrett, Executive Director of Coaching, let an incredible experience.

It was a GIANT win and our brand got better. 

My message today?

Transformed People, Transform People!

When you get fit, healthy, and active.

You transform yourself and then can transform others.

This is the ultimate way to pay it forward.

Happy Monday!

Bryce Henson
CEO, Fit Body 

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Leadership Lesson: Rule #9 Drive With Purpose 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: Rule #9 Drive With Purpose

You must know why and cast your vision around it as a leader.

Let me reframe this and ask you a question.

What’s at the foundation of your desire?

What do you truly value?

Whatever this is for you, this is at the foundation of your mission or purpose. 

Your purpose should be based on what you value to the core.

It should have an emotional charge to it.

After all, emotion creates motion.

For me, my core value is FREEDOM. 

FREEDOM is what I value.

 As such, I’ve developed a purpose: to teach leadership, promote capitalism, and defend free speech.

At the core, I believe these 3 pillars create both FREEDOM which creates human prosperity.

I’m emotional about my purpose. 

I will fight for it.

It shapes my thoughts, actions, and decisions including my career focus and the companies that I lead. 

Rule 9 states you must develop, define, and drive with purpose.

This will create inspiration for others to ride your leadership bus!

[MM]: You are what you eat 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: You are what you eat

Happy Monday!

The old adage is true.

You are what you eat.

Think about this.

What you consume, you become.


The tough truth?

Most people spend very little time considering what they input in their body.

They are on a “SeaFood” diet.

They “See Food” and eat it.

As a result, a staggering 80% of our population is statistically obese or overweight.

The worst part?

This is the surface problem.

The root issue of obesity is emotional, physical, and financial damage to the individual and society. 

The cost is enormous.

While that’s the problem.

The good news?

There is a solution.

In fact, this is why the Fit Body Franchise exists.

To inspire fitness and change lives every day!

My April No Fool Message today is this.

Be intentional on your food choice.

Remember: what you consume, you become. 


80% of the time choose clean nutrition.

Protect your body with whole foods, lean proteins, veggies and H20.

80% of the time avoid processed foods filled with sugar that leaves you sick.

The other 20% of the time. 

Enjoy within reason.

Need help?

My friend and Fit Body Nutrition Coach Darrlynnn, shot a video to provide you with The BEST Foods at Costco for Weight Loss Meal Prep.

The goal is to educate and inspire you. 🙂

PS This is just an example of the value we provide for our Franchise Partners and fitness clients within the Fit Body brand.

As you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

👉 Costco Grocery Client Facing VLOG

Have a great Monday!

Bryce Henson
CEO, Fit Body 

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Leadership Lesson: Rule 8. Love Your Passengers 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: Rule 8. Love Your Passengers

The people of your organization, are the organization!

This includes your team, clients, vendors, and partners.

Sometimes leaders lose sight of this which is a grave mistake.

To provide some perspective..

In the Fit Body world, we have state-of-the-art studios, stacked with high-quality functional fitness equipment and provide strong fitness and nutrition coaching.

But If you strip it all away.

Guess what?

What remains is the PEOPLE which is the most important part!

In fact, without the PEOPLE, nothing else matters!

As a result, great leadership LOVES and LOVES on your people.

This is what creates relationships, culture, and long-term success.

As a sign-off, I will leave you with a tangible set of action steps to help you show the love.

The Five-Part Action Plan for Showing Love to Your Team Members

  1. Make time for them.
  2. Listen to them.
  3. Recognize them.
  4. Serve them.
  5. Bring out the best in them.
[MM]: The gift of freedom! 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: The gift of freedom!

Family! 🙌

Freedom is my personal core value. 

It shapes the way I think, what I value and the actions I take.✨

This is important for you to know as the CEO of Fit Body.

This is also why I became enraged last year when the massive issue of Human Trafficking was brought to light on the world’s stage. 

As it turns out.. 

The trafficking of human beings (YES HUMANS) is a multi-billion dollar (WITH A “B”) criminal industry that denies freedom to 25 million people around the world.

This is both horrific & unacceptable.

In response, I casted a vision and challenged my HQ team to help you and our brand do something about it.💥

Well, on the backs of my Fit Body HQ team, they have taken massive action to bring this vision to life.👊

Looking ahead, we will be executing “Freedom Week” as our April client engagement program.  

At its operational core..

It is a mega referral campaign designed to drive leads to our locations so our Franchise Partners can grow your profitability. 

The best part?🤔

We do it by taking a stand against a horrible-horrible crime that deprives people of their freedom. 

Click HERE to learn more. 

I’m proud of you and proud to be part of an organization that creates both impact and income.🥰

Have a great Monday!

Bryce Henson
CEO, Fit Body 

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Leadership Lesson: Rule 7. Enthusiasm Attracts More Passengers and Energises Them During the Ride 150 150 Bryce Henson

Leadership Lesson: Rule 7. Enthusiasm Attracts More Passengers and Energises Them During the Ride

As the rule indicates..

Enthusiasm is powerful tool in leadership.


When you break enthusiasm down..

Enthusiasm creates EMOTION.

And EMOTION moves people.

Humbling myself as I reflect..

Much of my success as a leader.

Isn’t because of the smartest.

It’s not because I have magical leadership powers.

Thats far from the truth. 

It’s due to my enthusiasm towards people, our team and our mission.

I believe it in whole heartily as its my passion!

This my friend is why it’s so important to follow your passion in life.

More than just a “woo-woo” tag line.

Passion creates enthusiasm in you and others.

And we learned from rule #7.

Enthusiasm attracts more passengers and energises them during the ride on your leadership bus.

[MM]: Cheers to 10 Years.. 150 150 Bryce Henson

[MM]: Cheers to 10 Years..

Happy Monday Mindset!

This past Saturday was a special one!

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary of serving our mission of Inspiring Fitness and Changing Lives at my Mission Viejo Fit Body location.

One 1 hand feels like an eternity ago.

On the other hand, just like yesterday.

We opened the doors on a cold dark morning in early 2014 without experience or know-how. 🤷

Just a passion to share the gift of fitness which changed my wife Tatiana’s and my life. 🔥

Looking back at the decade.

Lots of sweaty sessions full of burpees and friendships made. 💪

Big highs. 

Very low lows.

I suppose that’s a good analogy of fitness, business and life.

Thank you to YOU and our clients. 🙏❤️

Thank you for investing in your fitness.

Thank you for trusting us as your coaches.

YOU are the reason this is possible.

Lastly, thank you to my team..

Both past and present. ❤️

Many businesses don’t make 1 year, let alone 10.

This accomplishment is made on your backs.

You are the true heroes of the organization!

Tatiana and I will never lose sight of that.

In closing, whether you have been with us for 10 years or 10 days.

Thank you. ❤️

This business and milestone is for you and because of YOU!

What an incredible 10 years. 🥳

In many ways though, we are just getting started!🚀

Much Love!

Have a great Monday!

Bryce Henson
CEO, Fit Body 

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