Bryce Henson, CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp

How my battle with alcoholism can help your fitness journey

Yes, that’s right…

Not a fun topic to admit, but it’s the truth.💯

I am recovering alcoholic. 

In fact, I just celebrated my 6th-year alcohol-free at the end of December.🙌

How have I done it?

Definitely not 6 years at a time.

Rather, 1 day at a time..

Why is this important?🤔

We are in the 2nd week of our brand-wide 10lb Challenge.

And in the next week or 2, the newness & excitement will soon wear off.🎯

The reality of the achy muscles, the early morning or late evenings will set it.

Our challengers might even begin to think..

“If it’s always going to be this hard, well I might as well quit!”

The worst part?😱

That’s a false thought!

Although rest assured, I had those same thoughts when I first started my fitness regime in January of 2007.

And the exact same when I decided to put down the bottle in December 2016.🥃

I thought to myself during those early days..

“I will never make it if it will always be this hard.”

But here’s the thing..

It WON’T always be this hard even though it seems like the moment!📍


It feels this way just because you cannot see the progress yet.

Although you are making progress day by day.💪

This is the same when it was hard to stack a few weeks together, and then BOOM!💥

The next thing I knew I picked up a 6-month sobriety chip.🎉

I gained some momentum..

Then a year, then 2 years.

I looked back and thought..

“This isn’t easy, but I can do it”.

So can you!👊

My friend, it won’t always be this hard.

You will gain momentum. 

The secret?

Just 1 day at a time..

Head up and onward, my team and I are here for you!🙏

-Coach Bryce

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