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Humble Roots

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

“Humble Roots” is a core value of my brother Barrett’s local team in Berkley Fit Body Boot Camp.

This is very fitting for him and us.💪


I can speak for both of us in that we resent the opposite of humble roots which is “entitlement”.

I suppose there are a few reasons for this.

The most prominent is because, for 1st world standards, we come from humble roots.🌱

And this my friend, is a blessing.🙏

You see…

By the grace of God, our angel of a mother Donna escaped our father’s grasp in August of 1991.

She was in a verbally abusive relationship for years, but then it got physical.


My dad was an alcoholic, and drug addict and had issues with gambling.

As you would imagine..

This created a big issue with the family dynamic and our safety.

While we were living in a rural part of Georgia at the time.

Within a week from things getting violent, we went from going into hiding to landing with my grandma in Detroit, Michigan.

This saved us from a shelter or even worse..

So on 1 hand it was a HUGE WIN for our lives to escape that situation..

On the other hand..

We soon found ourselves in a foreign place, with a foreign culture, with foreign accents and a hard landing coming from the deep south. 

This hard landing continued for the better part of the decade.

This is while Donna busted her butt to do everything within her ability to raise her kids.👊

This is why my brother and I have so much love for her.🥰

So why do I share this today?

The experience is fresh in my mind.

As I just got back from a week trip to visit my Donna, Barrett, and family in Michigan.

It was an incredible time filled with lots of work, plenty of boot camp workouts, and some family time intertwined.

Whenever I go back, I’m always filled with bittersweet memories.

The memories of the good.🙏

The memories of the struggle.💥

It also reminds me of my humble roots.✨

I value this and hope you do too, which is my message today.

As when you attack fitness & life from a “humble roots” perspective.

It creates an incredible amount of work ethic and drive.

It creates a mentality where everything is earned, nothing given.

It creates an “extreme ownership” mentality.

So, as I reflect on this past week, here’s a good “humble roots” framework to follow if you want to be successful at fitness or in life.

  • Check your ego at the door.
  • Roll up them sleeves.
  • Understanding it’s going to be hard.
  • Sweat is required.
  • Hard work is the mantra.
  • Nothing is given.
  • Everything is earned.
  • It will be harder than you think.
  • But it will be more fulfilling than you can even imagine.
  • Now get ready, the time is NOW!

Make it a GREAT week!🌟

-Coach Bryce

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