Bryce Henson, CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp

Leadership Lesson: The Most Important Thing

November is here!

This means, we are going to take a month break from the 21 Laws by Maxwell for some variety before finishing out laws #15-21 in the New Year.

Specific to today.. 

I want to take a step back around leadership and focus on the 1 key ingredient to leadership success.

As I reflect on our Cancun Mastermind experience a couple weeks ago, I received a very nice compliment from my good friend Matt E.

He shot me a voice shot to give 2 big positives and 2 opportunities to make the next event even better.

I am grateful for him and the well intentioned feedback as it creates growth.

He then said..

“Bryce, you are 1 of the best born leaders I’ve seen. 

Wait…. I know, I know.. Leadership is not factory installed in anyone. But turns out, you have learned leadership to an incredible degree.”

Coming from a guy I respect like Matt, that means a ton.

He was probably being too kind.

However, yes..

I’m grateful for the leadership skills I acquired.

But the mountain is tall and more yet to attain. 

Now in reflecting on his statement specific to born vs. learned.

2 things can be true.

I’ve learned more leadership skills than were factory installed.

Not even close.

Although, there is 1 most important thing that every leader must have that is factory installed.

I believe it’s the most important thing to being a successful leader in my book.

What is it?

Simply put..

The feeling of RESPONSIBILITY.

You see, I believe every strong leader naturally feels the burden of responsibility for their following.

That’s the most important thing which is very hard to teach.

The rest can be and is learned.

For me, Im “lucky or burdened” enough to have felt responsible.


I feel responsible for our Franchise Partners & clients.

I feel and have felt responsible for Barrett and my sister Emma for as long as I have known them.

I feel responsible for my mother.

I feel responsible for my wife Tatiana.

I feel responsible for the outcome of our organization.

I feel responsible for the newly formed Legacy Tribe coaching program which is a Lead Magnet for Fit Body Ownership. 

Ultimately and when you break it down.. 


And while the feeling of responsibility is a heavy burden to carry.

I believe it’s the most important thing at the foundation of strong leadership.

Today’s message?

If you want to develop your leadership skills..

You must have a deep and burning desire to do so.

And in my experience..

This all boils down to feeling RESPONSIBLE for the people you serve.

In fact, feeling RESPONSIBLE for your following and the outcome is the most important thing to your leadership development.

Now go forth and conquer. 



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