Leadership Lesson: Veterans Day Leadership

Leadership Lesson: Veterans Day Leadership

Leadership Lesson: Veterans Day Leadership 150 150 Bryce Henson

Veterans Day was this past Saturday here in the States.

Love and respect to the beautiful souls who served. Many who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

In studying leadership and human personality styles.. 

I find it interesting that the most popular personality style for the military is different than you might think.

What is it?

No, not the intense Eagle, the energetic Parrot or the analytical Owl.

It’s the DOVE.


Doves have servants’ hearts. They are willing and ready to protect others and the common good.

Yes, sometimes the Dove style can default to passive when it comes to their own journey.

Yet, when it comes to fighting for something they believe in and to help others.. A Dove will rise to the occasion in spades.

Martin Luther King Jr is a most famous dove leader who was fierce and effective towards a cause he believed in. 

In fact, he fought so hard for the cause, he gave his life to it.


This is also true of Howard Schultz, Founder & CEO of Starbucks. Big dove and an amazing leader. 

His passion is creating a world-class experience for his audience.

In reflection on these examples, my message today is this…

All styles are valuable and can lead.

No, not just the renowned Eagle which is a common stereotype of leadership. But many times it is miscategorized. 

Yes, Eagles can lead well too. 

But in stress, they become abrasive which can create friction and a fallout. 

I’ve been guilty of this.

So my call to action today is to realize whatever personality style you have, you can lead. You just need to develop the skill. 

And what’s even better?

When you develop the skill set to be a Chameleon which is the target. You can connect and lead all personality styles to success.

This, my friend, is leadership.

Love and respect to you and all our amazing Veteran leaders.