Bryce Henson, CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp

Leadership Lesson: Why I Study Leadership

At my core, I love people way more than other aspects of business.

Actually, it’s not even close.  

In fact, I believe the best leaders in the world have a deep love for people at their foundation.

As leadership (and people) are both very difficult. Very difficult. So you have to genuinely have a love for them, otherwise it’s too much.

And while this is at the foundation of strong leadership, that alone is not enough.

So I wanted to share another driver for me in the spirit of being vulnerable and raw with you.

Aside from loving people and seeing the incredible value of aligning people towards a common goal. 

Which ultimately is just what leadership is..

I’ve also learned that leading by example, which is referred to as the “Morale Authority”, is the most influential way to lead.

The hard part?

At my core, I’m far from perfect. 

In fact, I have many many flaws. Being an addict is 1 of the most severe. 

I’ve been addicted to drugs & alcohol just to name a few. These are all very selfish and not selfish endeavors. 

I wish it wasn’t so, but this is my ugly truth.

However, I’ve also learned through both life and my Stoic Philosophy, you can turn your biggest weakness into your biggest strength.

As left to my own devices with my selfish addiction, I could easily be on the streets & homeless in the most severe circumstances.

Sounds extreme, but it’s true. 

In fact, every time I see a homeless addict, I see a vision for what my life could easily become if I don’t focus on serving others.

I am the German Shepherd Bedros refers to.

However, the thing that keeps me grounded is my desire to add value to you, our team, owners and clients.

As if every day I strive to be a better leader for myself and others. This way, I can use this accountability to redirect my darkness to the light. 

So in the most selfless and selfish ways, my love for people and serving you, keeps me clean of alcohol, my biggest Kryptonite 24 hours at a time since December 2016.

My leadership message today?

Turn whatever is your weakness or lowest moment in your life, into a positive and for battling cry in the service other people. 

When you do this, your leadership grows and your following wins.



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