Life Is For The Living

Life Is For The Living

Life Is For The Living 150 150 Bryce Henson

“Life Is For The Living”.🔥

Those were the words Bedros, my business partner and Founder of Fit Body, muttered in my ear while I embraced him at his mother’s funeral services on Thursday morning.


Although, he said it with energy and positivity despite being devastated.

This is why I love the man, his wisdom and stoic mindset.🥰

And while simple..

The profoundness of the message hasn’t left me and I hope it doesn’t. 

Now given the gravity of the situation..

It wasn’t my place or a good time to ask a clarifying question to confirm what he meant by it.

However, this is the meaning I took away feeling the moment and his energy..

Death is part of the cycle of life.🔄

It’s the fate we all share.

So we can complain, pretend or protest it.

But it’s inevitable.💯

We must accept.

Instead and while we do have LIFE… 

It must be LIVED to the FULLEST!

It must be met with URGENCY.


So my message today is this.

While you have it..


Lift weights.

Eat clean.

Take the trip.

Go for a hike.

Visit a loved one.💕

Tell your family member you LOVE them.

Learn that 2nd language.

Go for a walk on the beach.🏖️

LIVE with absolute BOLDNESS.

As you have 1 shot at this thing called LIFE.


After all, Life Is For The Living.

Make it a GREAT week!✨

-Coach Bryce

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