Bryce Henson, CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp

[MM]: 10 tips to improve your life.

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

I hope you enjoyed Father’s Day weekend. 🔥

As June pushes forward, I cannot believe nearly 50% of the year is already gone.

How is everything going to date?

To create some value, I crafted a message with 10 things that can improve your life. 

They have really helped me and want the same for you.

So please review and consider implementing.👇

1. Move your body every day. The old saying is true. You either move it or lose it. So don’t lose it!

2. Limit your calories if you’re trying to lose weight. It’s a simple formula: Eat fewer calories than you use, and you will lose weight.

3. More water, fruits, and veggies. Less candy and chips. You know this, but are you doing it?

4. Hire a fitness coach….Everyone has blind spots, coaching helps shore those up. I hear good things about a place called “Fit Body” 😀

5. Tell your loved ones you love them more often. I have an ASANA reminder to send 1 gratitude/love message a day. It’s helped me connect and built stronger relationships. Highly recommend executing. 

6. Sleep well. Work hard and rest hard. You cannot live a good life if you are constantly sleep-deprived. Good sleep makes everything better. The opposite is true. 

7. Remember, exercise is the miracle drug. It’s good for your bones, muscles, balance, heart, breathing, mental health, and sleep.

8. Practice Gratitude. When you are grateful, it’s hard to be angry, anxious or upset. Your life is made up of the quality of emotions. Choose positive emotions and this will help.  

9. Reduce your Social Media & Netflix. Easier said than done. But go for a walk, a hike, or a workout. Get some fresh air. 

10. Stop watching the bad news! Mainstream media has 1 goal, grab your attention so advertisers will pay more money.  It’s not to inform you with accurate information. As the more they scare you, the more they grab your attention (human nature). Turn it off and watch your mental life improve!

Make it a great Monday!💪

-Coach Bryce 

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