Bryce Henson, CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp

[MM]: A dream realized

Happy Monday!🙌

I wanted to share with you a story of a dream realized on Saturday with some takeaways that can help inspire you in your ongoing journey of self leadership.✨

For some backstory..

Back in 2012, Tatiana and I were on fire when we decided to launch our little fitness business of Fit Body Boot Camp!

We were excited to help our local clients here in Orange County stay fit and active.💪

The problem?

While extremely excited, I soon realized my leadership skills were lacking.

I didn’t have a strong vision.

I couldn’t provide my team with a clear direction.

I did not provide feedback.

I did not communicate well.

The result?🤔

My team was frustrated and so was I!

I then stumbled upon a book called “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon as it was referred to by a friend.💥

From this fable, it provides some needed leadership coaching.

I learned the power of creating and casting vision, the importance of leading with energy, the power of strong communication and the need to give/receive feedback to support my team who support our clients.

The leadership education rocked my world and I have been following his content ever since.🌟

This includes his nationally acclaimed podcast, his youtube talks to every professional sports league in the states, 30 books published and 15 of them being best sellers!

Well, on Saturday I had the opportunity to meet and interview him on my Fitness CEO podcast around the topic of improving one’s self leadership.

We recorded a great episode which I will share on March 13 when it releases.🎉

The best part?

He was very personable, welcoming and now considers us friends.

It was a special moment!

My message today is this:

Continue to learn, understand the importance of self leadership, develop a growth mindset, do something that challenges you every day, work out 3-4x per week, stay hydrated, and eat well.🥰

When you do, it will give you the clarity and confidence to lead yourself and then your family.

And as a result of your increased quality of life and productivity, you will make bigger moves and take bigger shots.👊

And who knows..

Maybe you will even be able to meet a mentor from a far and thank them for their influence on your life. 🙂

Have a great Monday!⚡️

-Coach Bryce

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