[MM] A White Belt Mentality

[MM] A White Belt Mentality

[MM] A White Belt Mentality 768 1024 Bryce Henson


That was the loud sound of my friend James slamming me on the mat at my first Brazilian Jitsu session on Saturday.

The experience was extremely, extremely, extremely humbling to say the least.

While I pride myself on my fitness and athleticism, I was thrown around like a rag doll.👎

Candidly, I was no match for James who has been training for the better part of a decade. 

In fact, Saturday reminded me of my very first personal training session in January 2007. I felt awkward, scared, uncomfortable, and so out of place.

And I would imagine the exact same feeling as many of our newbies who enrolled in our brand-wide Fall Challenge which kicks off today.

Excited and nervous all at the same time. 

There is something special and needed, in taking a bit of humble pie, putting on your proverbial white belt on and pushing through your comfort zone.

As your comfort zone is where all the growth, the breakthroughs, the happier and better version of you remains.

But the secret is being willing to put that while belt on and start. 🔥

To start is always the hardest and scariest part. 

But when you do, and while incredibly challenging in the moment..

Eventually, the world opens up to you and your life gets better. Just as long as you stay strong and don’t quit. 👊

That’s been my experience with fitness and life. 💪

And I want that for you. 💯

Make it a great week!

-Coach Bryce

PS LAST CHANCE!!! Click HERE to enroll in our 8-week Fall Challenge that starts Monday, September 19!