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[MM]: Avoid the Happiness Trap

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

Last week Coach Tatiana and I went up to Monterey, California for a Spartan Race. It was a quick 36-hour trip and very successful. 🔥

In fact, Tatiana made a personal record time for herself. It was inspiring to see her success and I am very proud!

She also received an email from Joe DeSena, the CEO of Spartan prior to the race. It contained the positive message below. It inspired me so I wanted to pay it forward and do the same for you!✉️


I recently took a business trip overseas. Instead of pushing for an upgrade and high-end service, I proactively chose the worst experience — connecting flight, middle seat, back row, a sad pack of stale cookies, the bathroom door banging in my ear the entire way. 


Because I believe our constant focus on comfort and ease — how we feel right now — leads to unhappiness. 

In short, we humans are wired to constantly raise the bar on what makes us happy, something scientists call the “hedonic treadmill.” 

We get stuck in a loop where we’re always grasping for something new, different, better in the hopes that now, finally, we will feel satisfied. 

The result? 

We don’t enjoy it now. The grind. A sense of entitlement creeps into all we do. So we click, swipe, and indulge ourselves in a never-ending search for fulfillment. 

After studying this topic for 40 years, I’ve learned that when we choose to live with less, let others go first, take the more challenging path, a new world opens up and we begin to appreciate life as it comes. 

It’s a simple but massive mindshift because it short-circuits our inherent striving nature. 

For example, when I arrived in Spain after that long day of airline travel, suddenly everything was better by comparison. The sun felt a bit warmer, the food more flavorful, and my bed was a comfortable relief from my cramped airline seat. 

I realized in that moment, that I was truly experiencing the emotion we too often overlook: Gratitude. I was grateful, and enjoyed the inevitable contentment that followed. 

Here’s to The Hard Way..


Make it a great Monday!💪

-Coach Bryce 

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