[MM] Fit Body on FOX – the countries biggest health crisis

[MM] Fit Body on FOX – the countries biggest health crisis

[MM] Fit Body on FOX – the countries biggest health crisis 1024 768 Bryce Henson

Happy Monday! 🙌

I am excited to go back home after a 10-day trip to the midwest!

There were many highlights including being featured on FOX 2 News Detroit with my brother Barrett. Barrett is a Fit Body owner in Michigan and Executive Director of Coaching for the brand.

It was really fun following his lead and seeing the great relationship he has built with the station which gives a platform to discuss health and wellness.💥

Specifically, FOX 2 recently reached out to him and brought us on to cover the Obesity Epidemic. As statistically it has been and continues to be the most severe health crisis our country faces. 

In fact, it was the root cause of 80% of COVID’s hospitalizations and fatalities. And sadly, the problem has become even worse in the last few years. 💯

Below are some stats from the CDC.

The scariest part? 😱

These are pre-COVID. They are now much worse. 

  • 42.4% of Adults in the US are defined as Obese 
  • 32% of adults in the US are defined as Overweight 
  • 20% of children in the US are defined as Obese 

And the most challenging part of being a Fitness Coach is when I get the response, “Bryce, I cannot afford to get fit.” 

My response?

You cannot afford not to be fit. ✅

As the CDC’s data shows it costs the average Obese American $1,500/year more in health care costs and nearly $200 BILLION dollars collectively as a country. 

Both scary and mind-boggling. 

The takeaway?

You either pay for your fitness or sickness. The choice is yours.👊

The best part?

My team and I are here to help which is my message for today!🙏

Lean on us and do it often! We are PASSIONATE about beating this and here for you! So please reach out!👍

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-Coach Bryce

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