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[MM] My Head Coach Jake got hitched! (3 Important Business Lessons)

Happy Monday Mindset!💥

On Saturday night, my family attended Head Coach Jake’s wedding in Carlsbad. He’s been a dear friend and a key leader in our Mission Viejo Fit Body location for the past 7+ years.❤️

It was an amazing event celebrating his marriage to his beautiful bride Sara after many years of dating.🎉

Throughout the incredible experience, I came away with 3 big takeaways you can apply to your fitness and business. 👇

  1. Structure & Planning. It was very apparent there was solid planning which made the event special. It was well rehearsed, their opening dances were on point, it was very personal, and executed nearly flawlessly due to the preparation. Creating a game plan is extremely important to your success as this directly ties to your fitness. Our coaches can help!
  2. Adjustments. A few adjustments had to be made mid-event by the wedding coordinator. But since the plan was already in place, it was easy to adjust with some flexibility. This is true in life & in your fitness journey. Sometimes unforeseen things come up, and you have to adjust which is just part of the fitness game. 
  3. Personality & Culture. Jake and Sara did an incredible job of putting their own style and personality into the event. They both love country music which was a theme throughout. By adding their personal touch, it added so much culture to the ceremony and made the evening very special. This is why we work so hard here at Mission Viejo Fit Body to create strong relationships and culture with you and all our clients. This way, you feel a magical experience every workout and want to continue coming back for more fitness!

My friend, apply these principles to your life and fitness and watch them both grow!🎯

-Coach Bryce

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