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[MM]: Peopl e who pay…

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

In 2009, I decided to learn a foreign language from scratch. 

I landed on Brazilian Portuguese as I was inspired by a visit to Rio de Janeiro over Christmas 2008. And I have been on a consistent journey ever since.🇧🇷

I am happy to report I am conversationally fluent after years of painstaking work.💥

How have I accomplished this goal?

Well, in many ways.  

I’ve lived in Brazil for 2 years. I’ve taken many online classes. I’ve enrolled in a Brazilian University. I’ve hired tutors. I married a Brazilian gal. I have lived with her family. I invested in the Rosetta Stone and executed countless other strategies in order to achieve fluency.

Many of these strategies have added to my bilingual ability, including most notably my mother-in-law Cristina and my private teacher Mara. 

Specific to Mara, she lives in Laguna Beach. 

She was born & raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil nearly 30 before I was born.  We started working together in June of 2014 and meet every weekend for an hour. 

There’s an occasional weekend where we are traveling that we miss. But that aside, we are very-very consistent. ✨

Is it easy? No. 

Truthfully, most weekends I do not “feel” like taking class prior. I have my internal doubts and think of all the other things I could be doing instead of the hard work!

But I always seem to dig deep, push those feelings aside and meet with her.  And you guessed it.. After our lesson, I am always happy I did!🥰

Kinda like working out. 🙂

As a result and through the years, she’s becoming one of my closest friends. In fact, we have grown a deep affinity and love for one another.😍

We have deep insights into each other’s lives as our classes have transitioned from grammar and vocabulary. Now, most of the time we catch up for an hour as friends. 

So nowadays, my language development is a bi-product of meaningful conversation.

This is coaching at its finest as Mara is a beautiful soul and an incredible relationship builder. I am deeply indebted and grateful to her.🙏

Now if you can believe, a few years ago she let me know that she enjoys our relationship so much, she would teach me for free.

While this is true, I politely declined.

I am sure you are thinking… 

Why turn down such an offer?!

Because I pay her for me.😀

Let me explain..

My business partner and founder of Fit Body, Bedros Keuilian told me this little secret about human nature over a decade ago. It didn’t make sense at the time but I do know 100% it’s true after coaching thousands of fitness and business clients for many years.👇

“People who pay, pay attention”, he said. 

The truth is that people who get the best results are the ones who pay. 

Because when you pay, an energy/accountability transfer happens. You then feel an internal tug to pay attention. As people disappoint themselves, but it’s more painful to disappoint someone else. 

A quicker and long-term result is the bi-product. 

So as much as Mara is one of my closest friends in life. If I stop paying her, the probability increases that I will stop paying attention which I will not let happen. 

Ultimately, I pay her for me.💥

So here is my message today for you. 

Invest and pay for whatever areas in life you need support in. If there is long-term value, happily pay for the coaching.💰 

Yes, that’s the right thing to do. In addition, it will be most impactful for YOU to keep you long-term committed.

After all, people who pay, pay attention!💯

Make it a great Monday!

-Coach Bryce 

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