[MM]: Perspective Mr. Henson. Perspective.

[MM]: Perspective Mr. Henson. Perspective.

[MM]: Perspective Mr. Henson. Perspective. 1024 768 Bryce Henson

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

A couple of months ago, I walked downstairs at 2am to grab some water from the fridge as I was feeling a bit dehydrated.💧

When my feet hit the carpet on the living room floor, I immediately knew something was wrong.


I could hear the “squish” of the water soaked carpet on my feet.

As I would come to find out, a water pipe burst and caused major water damage.


The result?

Tatiana and I had to be uprooted for 2 weeks.

Then $100,000+ damage later.. 

The worst part?

While we stopped the leak and fixed the pipes within the 2 week clip.

It still looks to be another handful of months before our house will be fixed. This is due to a bit of ongoing back and forth with the insurance company.

Fun times!👊

As I remember while being right in the thick of the events.  Out of some frustration I muttered something like..

“Tatiana, this absolute chaos. It’s like our house is in the middle of a war zone.”

Yes, I was frustrated at the situation. 

But as soon as I heard myself speak the last sentence out loud..

I was stopped dead in my tracks as I had a true moment of clarity.✨

A voice deep within yelled:

“Mrs. Henson, this is not a disaster. 

This is a 1st world inconvenience at best.

There are many people in the world right now who’s homes are actually in war zones.

Perspective Mr. Henson. Perspective.”

Message from upstairs received. 

It was a moment of clarity and perspective I needed.

I share this with you today in the hopes that if you are going through something that is a big issue.

Maybe it is. 

Although, maybe it just needs an adjustment in perspective like was needed for me.

Let’s make it a GREAT Monday!🔥

-Coach Bryce

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