Bryce Henson, CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp

[MM]: The Confidence to Pursue Your Dreams

Happy Monday Mindset!🙌

Last Friday was bittersweet as we bid farewell to our beloved coach Kelin.💕

Kelin is a beautiful soul and put together an incredible body of work for our clients, team and community here at Mission Viejo Fit Body.

She’s off to pursue her dreams of living in Denver, Colorado while coaching for a new Fit Body location.✨

In essence, she’s pursuing both geographical and department change within our organization.

As I reflect, this is the 2nd amazing coach in 2023 that shifted away to follow their passion. 🙌

The first one being coach Kat earlier this year as she traveled to Central America and then relocated back to the midwest. 

And while bummed for Mission Viejo Fit Body, I am happy for both amazing coaches.🥰

The commonality?

By getting in great shape and staying fit, this provided them both the increased levels of confidence & clarity to pursue big life dreams.🌟

In fact, as I reflect back at my own life…

This was the same for me in 2010 when I decided to move to Florianopolis, Brazil where I lived for 2 years and met my wife Coach Tatiana.🇧🇷

Without going through my own fitness transformation a few years prior, I cannot look you in the eye and tell you I would have had the confidence to have followed this big dream of moving abroad.💪

And that’s where the BIG AH-HAH came today..

When you invest in yourself. 

When you train at least 3-4 times per week, hydrate and eat well..

Your mind, body and soul respond. 

Way more than just weight loss..

You gain more energy, mental clarity and confidence.

Through gaining a higher level of confidence, you then gain the ability to follow your passions in life.

And this is my message and passionate plea for you today my friend.

Invest in yourself!

Invest in your fitness!

When you do..

Just like Coach Kelin, Kat and I..

You will acquire higher levels of confidence to pursue your dreams, whatever they may be for you!

This is why my team and I are so passionate to support you on your fitness journey. 

If you need help, please respond to this email as we are here to support you.

Make it a GREAT week!💥

-Coach Bryce

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