[MM] “There’s money in the transaction, but wealth in the….”

[MM] “There’s money in the transaction, but wealth in the….”

[MM] “There’s money in the transaction, but wealth in the….” 150 150 Bryce Henson

I had a big learning lesson that I wanted to share with you from last week regarding my former housecleaner. 💥

She was introduced by a referral and have been working with her for the last 6 months. She comes once per month. 

Overall, she’s friendly and has done a decently good job according to my wife Tatiana.

But this past Thursday evening when I arrived home from our Headquarters, I found Tatiana on her knees outside my office door trying to pick the lock.

Her fingers were bruised as she had spent the last 30 minutes trying to unlock the door. 

It turns out that when our cleaner came, she accidentally locked and closed the door before leaving. 

Since Tatiana was trying to solve it, I quickly gave the cleaner a buzz and asked if she could help. The alternative was to hire a locksmith for $200.

Unfortunately, that is what we ended up having to do. 

And this was just after the $250 house cleaning. Ouch!😓

And the worst part is that our cleaner made no offer to help, and even pointed the blame at us as “she doesn’t lock doors, only closes them so had to be your fault”.

She then messaged Tatiana the next day to confirm our next monthly cleaning. Unfortunately, that’s a no-go and the last time we will work together.

Now to be fair, if she made any effort to help and/or was willing to split the cost of the locksmith, that would have been sufficient. 

Stuff happens and heaven knows I make my fair share of mistakes. 

No issues on my end, as we all do.

However, nothing was offered to make the oversight right. Nothing at all, other than turning the blame on her client. 

As you would imagine, we felt very disappointed and will no longer be working with her again. As when the next thing breaks, I definitely know it will be our fault again.👊

While bummed, there’s a lesson here.⚡️

When you make a mistake, take full responsibility and then make it right. 

Simple as that.👍

Personally, that’s a good rule to live by.

And in the business world which you can also apply to your profession, my saying about short term/long term thinking..

“There’s money in the transaction, but wealth in the relationship.”

So sometimes you have to forgo the transaction, make the situation right to guard your relationships, and tap into true long-term wealth.

Make it a great week!

-Coach Bryce

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