[MM] Tradition & Competition (The World Cup)

[MM] Tradition & Competition (The World Cup)

[MM] Tradition & Competition (The World Cup) 150 150 Bryce Henson

Happy Monday!🙌

The FIFA World Cup is upon in the case you have been watching. If you haven’t, this is the world’s game & tournament that happens every 4 years.💥

This year has been especially interesting as there has been some controversy on the host location of Qatar for reasons outside the scope of today’s message. 

Sadly for our American squad, they matched up against a very tough Netherlands team and got eliminated over the weekend.

Although I am still hoping for my 2nd team (Brazil) playing in a few hours who is my favorite this year. 👊

My Brazilian wife Tatiana, her family and I are excited!

In reflection around the tournament, there are 2 big takeaways that I wanted to share which have applications for your fitness, business and life. 

These are 1) tradition and 2) competition.👇

  1. Tradition. Tradition can be incredible for establishing rich culture, efficiency, consistency and success. In the fitness and fat loss world, we call traditions routines. As executing a strong & consistent tradition (routine) is the only way long term you will find results. 
  2. Competition. Competition makes us all better as everyone needs a push. In fact, this is why we have local, state, national and world competitions to create positive pressure to propel us forward. This is the same with your fitness & fat loss and why we create a few Transformation Challenges throughout the year to produce incredible client results through the power of friendly competition!

Looking ahead, please apply these 2 principles of the World Cup to your life and watch your fitness grow!

 -Coach Bryce

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