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[MM]: What’s even worse than rock bottom..

Happy Monday!🙌

Last week I was in the studio with my business partner Bedros.

We recorded a few new episodes for the release of my newly branded podcast the “CEO Show” with Bryce Henson.

I’m excited for the release of the show on July 3 so stay tuned.👊

In 1 of the episodes, we talked about “hitting rock bottom”.

While that’s not a fun place to be.❌

Bedros said something interesting which I resonated with..

“Bryce, you know what’s even worse than rock bottom. Hoverging just an inch above rock bottom. That’s true misery.”

His comment stopped my in my tracks.

I had never thought of it that way.

But in an instant, I knew the genius of it.✨

It reminded me when I made the decision to stop drinking alcohol in December 2016.

While the experience of seeing a loved one in distress was horrible.

The painful event and the self reflection of my own demons around the situation created change.

It actually caused me to wake up and take action to remove alcohol from my life.

As a result.

I’m a better person and leader.🌟

If you can believe..

I’m grateful for hitting rock bottom.🙏

Rock bottom forced change.

While that was bad.

What was worse was the months that led up to that experience.

It was hell.

You see, Bedros was right.💯

Hovering over rock bottom was the true misery.

It’s a point of misery, just out of reach out action. 


Anyway, I was inspired by last week’s chat.

So wanted to share the story & takeaway to inspire you today.⚡️

So please remember..

Sometimes rock bottom is a better place than hovering over it.

As rock bottom forces change.

So if this is you, surrender to it and let the rebound begin.

In the case you need a change or just need someone to talk to, my team and I are here to help.

Just reply.

Happy Monday!🔥

-Coach Bryce

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