Monday Mindset – 4 action steps to help unite our community…..

Monday Mindset – 4 action steps to help unite our community…..

Monday Mindset – 4 action steps to help unite our community….. 1024 581 Bryce Henson


My good friend and fellow VP of Fit Body Boot Camp Matt went on a rant yesterday about all the craziness that’s continues to happen in our country. 🇺🇸

As if you watch the main stream media, you will know what I am talking about as it seems as if 2021 is on an even rockier start than 2020.

And while he is frustrated, just as most of us are….

His message included 4 calls to action to help unite our community which I received value from and trust you will as well so wanted to share..

And remember, head up and keep moving forward by being the positive change you want to see in our world!! ♥️

Committed to your success,

-Coach Bryce

Our politicians and mainstream news media is absolutely disgusting.

On both sides…

They are not leaders, they are public servants who are supposed to do what is right by the American people.

I believe most have good intent when they run but many ultimately become cowards and will do anything necessary to protect their position and their power.

Our country is broken. PERIOD.

The calls for UNITY are a joke at this point.

Unity is NOT tearing apart and attacking the beliefs of other who do not agree with you.

Unity is NOT silencing voices that are in opposition of yours.

Unity is NOT condoning actions when it serves you and then condemning it when it serves you.

Here is my call for Unity in our local communities.

  1. Ensure your house is in order and you exemplify what you expect of others first.
  2. Help support those in need in your local community.
  3. Help support local business.
  4. Stand up for what’s right.

When we UNITE as a community and help thy neighbor that has a trickle affect and maybe it will reach DC.

Let’s stop attacking each other, let’s stop trying to be right at all costs, let’s be good humans.

We are not each others enemy although our public servants and news media would like to make us believe that.

I don’t care what your beliefs are…

I care whether you’re a good human. I care about your character.

I also believe if you break the law you should go to jail/prison. Period. That includes our public servants. Actions have consequences.

Rant over…

Please be an agent for positive change in your community.

P.S. This rant is about all politicians and news outlets.