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Monday Mindset: 8 lessons to my younger self…

Happy Monday!


I am excited for the week as we have our Summer Mastermind Meeting on Wednesday & Thursday hosted at our Fit Body HQ office and streamed virtually since we have more limited in person spacing due to social distancing protocol.


In the case you are not familiar, Mastermind is a high level coaching group for very ambitious owners in our brand looking to grow themselves, teams and clients personally and professionally.


It’s also where we create and brainstorm the best ideas to provide our owners & clients the best experience & results as we forever continue to develop our program for YOU!


Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise to have been sent the included picture by my friend Nadine, which showed up on her Facebook memories, taken 8 years ago this past week. What a gem and pure blast from the past! As an added bonus, I am still friends with some of the participants in the picture to this day.


So here is the backstory about the photo with 8 lessons to my younger self to help you on your journey…



It was my first Mastermind event as a part of Fit Body at our old HQ in Chino Hills in mid-August 2012 and as a participant not co leader. I just returned to California from a 2 year trip abroad, and Tatiana was still in Brazil scheduled to arrive in California in 2 months.


The week prior I had signed the franchise paperwork with Fit Body CEO, business coach & future partner Bedros K. And was still looking for the location Tatiana and I ended up finding in Yorba Linda soon after which we opened that November.


And while filled with passion and excitement, I think it’s fair to say we had no idea that we were about to embark on the most difficult and rewarding journey of our lives.   🙂


So when I first relooked at this picture and speaking for myself, I received an intense feeling on how I wish I could time travel for a moment and share some wisdom to help that baby faced guy in the photo.


If I could have…this is what I would have told him..


  1. This will be the biggest crash course you will ever receive on the subject of human nature. Get ready, it’s going to be quite a ride.
  2. It’s extremely important you are fit and continue to develop your technical coaching skill set, but your ability to develop your character and leadership skills will be your most important assets in helping the most people.
  3. You will be introduced to some amazing people, both clients and teammates alike, and will be forever grateful for the relationships developed.  Get excited.
  4. In general terms, learn to make decisions quicker.
  5. You will need to develop much thicker skin and drastically increase your pain tolerance. This pain will provide growth.
  6. You will make mistakes, and many times daily.  Fall forward, keep learning, make adjustments, get better, rinse and repeat.
  7. In difficult situations with conflict which is ever present, listen and really hear all sides before taking action as human nature tends to put a spin on everything. So it’s up to you to decipher and break down the facts to make the best decisions possible with limited information.
  8. This will be the hardest thing you have done in your life. The hours will be backbreaking. You will be tested. You will suffer and experience heart break while being criticized intensely. Sometimes people will disappoint you. The mornings come early and the evenings late. 7 days per week is the requirement for the success you are after.  But keep your head up and keep moving forward, as this will be the hardest but most rewarding experience of your life that will also greatly benefit others.


I trust you received some value that you can apply in your career or life.


Let’s make it a great week!



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