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Monday Mindset – A Warrior in a Garden 🤺

Happy Mindset Monday!

I had a different message lined up today. But with attacks by Russia against Ukraine taking the main stage on the globe, I wanted to share some ideally inspirational thoughts through the tragedy. 🇷🇺🇺🇦

 I would imagine just like me, you have a hard time watching this play out especially as it pertains to possible world implications…😢

Violence is always horrible and especially with unprovoked attacks on innocent lives. ⚔️

And while I do strongly believe peace should always be the focus, unfortunately, we can live in a violent world.

 The reality is that sometimes people or things will come intentionally to harm you, unprovoked.

That’s a tough truth that is riddled throughout human history. 💯

This top of mind, I heard this analogy many years ago, and really that really resonated so wanted to share:

“You would much rather be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.”

What this means to me is that you should have peace as your default and desired mantra.  However, you should prepare yourself like a warrior in case violence comes knocking at your door, just like we are seeing in Ukraine.

In other words, possess a “peace through strength mindset.

The secret? 🤫

Preparation. ✅

Preparation is everything just like most things in your life, including your health & fitness.

Unfortunately, though, most people take the “wait and see approach”, then when sickness hits, they are unprepared and not strong enough to thrive, let alone survive. 

We saw this with COVID as the most severely impacted people, aside from the elderly, were the obese.

Sadly, they were unprepared when a war (virus) attacked unprovoked.

As time passes and emotions fade, we will undoubtedly reflect and learn about these experiences with much greater clarity.

But my message today is to train yourself to be a proverbial warrior.

Get and stay fit. Workout at least 3 times a week. Train hard. Hydrate. Eat foods that will nourish you. Prepare your body, mind, and soul for the battlefield of life as your life depended on it. 

Truth be told, it doe

If you are reading this message, I trust you are not the type of person who is proactively looking for trouble

However, when sickness, a virus, another pandemic, or heaven forbid an outside attack on our country comes to your door unprovoked, you better be ready.

After all..

 “You would much rather be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.”

 Much love & respect and let’s pray for peace. 🙏

-Coach Bryce

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