Monday Mindset – Be the Hero.. (time sensitive)

Monday Mindset – Be the Hero.. (time sensitive)

Monday Mindset – Be the Hero.. (time sensitive) 1024 957 Bryce Henson

While humanity continues to navigate through the COVID pandemic… 


There’s a much bigger pandemic statically speaking and wreaking much more long-term havoc in our community that the media doesn’t talk too much about..

This is the obesity pandemic and it’s raging on faster than ever before and on the verge of affecting 50% of our citizens by CDC latest report..

“Coach Bryce that’s not good, but is obesity really that bad?” you might ask..

Well, here are some insights and stats from the CDC specific to the effects of obesity:


  • It absolutely crushes your long-term health, reducing your quality of life.
  • It makes your body and organs work harder just to survive.
  • It statistically shortens your life upwards of a decade in some studies..
  • It causes emotional depression and shame.
  • It’s expensive as costs the average American $1,479 more in annual health care costs just by being obese.. 
  • It increases your probability of type 2 diabetes.
  • And compounds the effects of COVID, heart disease and ultimately any disease you come across. 


That all said and to provide you a positive message this morning…


There is hope and you are part of the solution!

You see the CDC reports with 2 high-intensity interval workouts per week with strength training. Along with an increase in hydration and reduction of sugars, this pandemic can be eliminated.

So I acknowledge you for reading his content and investing in your health and fitness!!


As my team and I are on a GIANT mission of Inspiring Fitness, Changing Lives, and battling the obesity pandemic through our workout and coaching programs.


And we also need your help!


In response to recent inflation, we will be increasing our membership rates for new campers only beginning on November 1.


Therefore, we are offering a free week of boot camp to all your family, friends, and co-workers now through the end of the month as a good act of faith to help our community.


And to sweeten the deal, when anyone you introduce signs up for membership prior to November 1, they will be locked into our current membership rates.


So today want to acknowledge you for taking care of yourself. For investing in your health and fitness. 


And to encourage you to continue to be the hero by introducing 1-2 loves ones to boot camp so we can make a difference in more lives..


Please share this email and thanks for being a hero!! Let’s make it a GREAT week!


-Coach Bryce


PS Need help with your fitness? Click HERE.

PSS Meet Russel who is another hero. He just crossed the 1,000 session mark, has dropped 75lbs, lifted himself out of obesity and wants the same for you!