Monday Mindset – “Bryce, something’s seriously wrong…”

Monday Mindset – “Bryce, something’s seriously wrong…”

Monday Mindset – “Bryce, something’s seriously wrong…” 799 538 Bryce Henson

That all said, and while completely challenging for our team and brand…. there is a silver lining.

As due to the incredible difficulty, it forced creativity so we began to court a new technology called Fit Pro Tracker (FPT) in the spring of 2019.

 As it turns out, their CEO Antonio, is an owner of Chandler Fit Body Boot Camp in Arizona. And while being a student of fitness, he had previously worked for the US Army for 22+ years in Computer Programming & Cyber Security, and then for the infamous “Intel Corporation” on some billion dollar accounts after retiring..

So it was a light bulb moment in remembering a previous conversation with Antonio a while back, so it was then, I decided to reach out to inquire and seek some technological counsel. 

And in that phone call in April of 2019, began a 2+ year journey..

So fast forward and in that time, we were able to recruit, partner, and develop a custom & superior & Fit Body technology, client relationship management & billing product…

And am happy to report as of today in Yorba Linda and this coming Friday in Mission Viejo, we are leading the charge to convert to this technology which is 1. Secure 2. Intuitive and  3. significantly more user friendly!

 So this all translates to better coaching, service and support to YOU and our clients both locally and worldwide!

 That said, while the story is riddled with challenge and change, there are some big learning lessons below…

The truth is that any change is tough. 

In fact, the current transition hasn’t and will not be perfect either. 

It will take some time for both team and clients to adjust so we are incredibly grateful for your patience.

That’s the reality of any change, transition or transformation. 

  1. The tip of the spear (aka Leadership) can be messy. Being the first to jump into any new endeavor can be messy. But that’s the essence of leadership.  

How does this relate to you?

Well, maybe no one in your family or friends network is healthy & fit, so it can feel like a lonely road to jump in. You might also feel scared and vulnerable.

But even though messy, there is value in jumping in first, leading by example and inspiring others to follow suit to take back control of your own health and fitness!

  1. Adversity creates growth. While our last technology was very painful and the coming few weeks will still be, the reality is that without this adversity, we would have never been provided the light bulb moment, which has led to us developing a custom Fit Body technology that will serve our clients 100x better in the years ahead. 

As this mess will now become a battle cry for even more success and support for our clients long term!

How does this relate to you?

Well, it’s the exact same with your fitness.

 It’s tough to put your body and mind through the intentional adversity at boot camp. But you need to, as when you do, you become better and much more capable of serving your loved ones.

  1. Patience is a virtue, so play the long game… Most people don’t make the transition and changes they need to because of lack of patience or a focus playing the short game. Like we discussed, even if a beneficial move, change is tough and human nature resists…

So while this new transition to a better technology will be great for the long term, it will still be rocky & take time just like any change.

How does this relate to you?

Well, it’s the exact same with your fitness.

It’s much easier to skip the workout, grab the sugary soda, and put the cheesecake in your mouth, as the transition of body transformation is hard.

 But when you have patience with yourself and are focused on the long game (not short term gratification), you will put in the work to make sure the long game is a victory which will exponentially benefit your life! 

Have a great Monday and thank you for your love and support!

-Coach Bryce