Monday Mindset – By any means necessary 🥇

Monday Mindset – By any means necessary 🥇

Monday Mindset – By any means necessary 🥇 150 150 Bryce Henson

I hope you watched a good amount of the Tokyo Olympics over the last 2 weeks, as sadly they just finished.

There are so many lessons to unpack as the event is filled with inspiration, sacrifice, determination and the deep desire to win for self and country.

I am very grateful for all our American athletes who gave it their all. And yes, I am very proud to be an American! 🇺🇸

And while this is top of mind, I want to share with you a clip I saw that a mentor of mine posted on his social media on Friday. It wasn’t specifically of the Tokyo Olympics but inspired by it.  

The clip is of a Texas A&M College track meet in 2019 where Infinite Tucker “super manned” across the finish line to win the race!

I’ve watched this clip over a dozen times, in pure awe of this guy’s heart. His willingness & determination to scrape and claw for every inch. To literally bust his face by putting everything on the line for himself and team.

So, todays message is to play with this heart, with this scrappiness and with this WINNER’s mentality.  To literally do whatever it takes with your fitness and in life just like Infinite Tucker. 

As you only have 1 shot, so make it count by any means necessary. 🏋🏽

Let’s have a great week!

== > Super Man Finish

-Coach Bryce

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