Monday Mindset – Change: the only constant

Monday Mindset – Change: the only constant

Monday Mindset – Change: the only constant 150 150 Bryce Henson

Yesterday, I just shared the news of Tatiana and I transitioning out of ownership at our first location of Yorba Linda Fit Body effective today.

This is so we can focus more consolidated energy on overseeing our Mission Viejo Fit Body location with a consolidated local team focus. And so that I can also have more time to oversee the Fit Body brand as your CEO.

This is a win for everyone. 💯

Tatiana will still be on-site in Yorba Linda through the end of April to ensure a strong transition before she transitions more support to our MV team. As we are passing the ownership torch to 2 beautifully inspiring ladies in Coach Ari and Andria Lopez who will pour the clients, team, and location for years to come

Below is my Monday Mindset sendoff message to Yorba Linda this morning and know you will get value from the takeaway as well about embracing and driving change being the only constant in life. 

PS Tatiana and I are excited to be able to spend more time with you beginning in May!

It was a cold, dark, and rainy morning on November 5, 2012. This is when we opened the doors of Yorba Linda Fit Body for the very first time.

I had just spent the last 2 years abroad on the little island of Florianopolis, Brazil where I met and lived with Tatiana and her family. 🏝

A few months earlier I had just returned to Orange County to lay the foundation for our little fitness/boot camp business that would eventually become Yorba Linda Fit Body.

Tatiana arrived on Halloween and just a few days prior to launch, as we sorted out her visa paperwork just in time for our Grand Opening (if you could even call it that).

We knew our country’s overall health and obesity problem was getting worse by the year which this passion was matched by the inspiration from our own physical transformations a few years prior.

So, we decided to invest our life savings in this little dream to help our community in Yorba Linda get healthy and fit. 💪

We opened that cold, dark, and rainy morning in November with four walls, some mats, and no equipment as we couldn’t afford it. The lighting was poor, and the location looked extremely different than the fully stocked facility we now call home.

We put every dollar we had into the lease and all the upfront costs that come with any business endeavor so didn’t have much financial breathing room to spend on “frills”.

I also asked my sister Emma who was living in LA at the time to join the full list of sessions to “make the sessions look fuller”.

My friends Leslie and Bo, who are still members, were there and we started the session by sharing our gratitude list.

Candidly, I was so scared to be running those first sessions.

Actually, “terrified” is the more accurate word. 😱

But at the same time, I was incredibly excited to be supporting people in their health and fitness journey, because fitness touched Tatiana and my life so deeply.

Fast forward, nearly a decade, and never would I have ever imagined the blessings that would occur from that start. The friendships, deep relationships, and the incredible community we would bring together.

What a spectacular ride and I can say honestly and humbly, Tatiana and I couldn’t have asked for nothing more. In fact, I’m in tears as I write this..

This in mind, life has its seasons and it’s now the season for these 2 new amazing, beautiful women in Andria and Ari to take over the mission of Inspiring Fitness & Changing Lives Every Day in our Yorba Linda community with their teams support, as it still continues and even stronger than ever!

Tatiana and I want to thank you deeply for your love, your support, and contribution to our little dream. In return, we hope we have provided you with immense value whether you have been with us for 9 years or days. ❤️

And rest assured, that the best is yet to come. As I am here with a reminder that change is the only constant in life which is today’s message.

Instead of running from it, we must embrace it as it’s the only thing constant in life! This concept is so important, especially in the transformation business, and why we have made “Embracing and Driving Change” a global Fit Body core value.

Rest assured, Tatiana and I are on-site to support for the next few weeks and will be excited to deliver our last training session on the mic on Saturday, April 30 as we transition out of ownership. And past that, we are excited to continue to hear of your ongoing success as you are in very good hands with Andria, Ari, and our team as we want to stay connected.

You will begin hearing from Coach Ari next week and will leave you with this quote. 👇

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” -Socrates

Love and incredible gratitude,

-Coach Bryce

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