Monday Mindset – Chasing Greatness

Monday Mindset – Chasing Greatness

Monday Mindset – Chasing Greatness 150 150 Bryce Henson


Last night’s super bowl game was one for the ages. Truthfully, a bit boring considering the landside.

But no matter if you love or hate Tom Brady, you have to tip your hat for winning his 7th Super Bowl out of 10 appearances.

Barely believable!!!

And for some perspective in the case you don’t follow professional football, the average NFL player statistically doesn’t even make it to 1 super bowl game.

So this is consistency at it’s finest, and pure greatness if I have ever seen it!

Now with greatness on the brain today, it got me inspired to recognize greatness in all aspects of daily life.

And I didn’t have to look hard to pull up one amazing example of this at a local level; my friends and Mission Viejo campers Josh and Beth Knoke.

To give some insight, Beth crossed her 1,500 session last month and combined they are knocking on the door of 3,000 sessions total which is a record for our locations!

Now please keep in mind, Josh and Beth were not always this committed. In fact they were very overweight and had big health concerns when starting our program.

But they stuck with it, kept showing up and became extremely consistent in the process. And while it didn’t happen overnight, they have lost a combined 175lbs with our program!!


So while greatness is on the mind today, I wanted to share their story in the hopes that you too will consistently chase greatness!

Click HERE

PS Congrats Josh and Beth and thank you for being an example of GREATNESS that we can all follow.Make it a GREAT week!

-Coach Bryce