Monday Mindset: D Day

Monday Mindset: D Day

Monday Mindset: D Day 777 555 Bryce Henson

Yesterday was the 77th anniversary of the infamous D Day where allied troops from the US, Great Britain, and Canada stormed the beaches of Normandy France to overtake Adolf Hilter and his Nazi regime. 

I can only imagine what it would have been like to be one of those soldiers who were ordered to invade on June 6, 1944.

I am sure nothing short of absolute hell.

And while that thought deeply moves me. It serves as a great reminder that freedom isn’t free.

It serves as a reminder that we must live our lives with passion and purpose. As there have been many that came before whose lives ended shortly to protect the freedoms we now enjoy.

And that can never be taken for granted.

So if you didn’t take the opportunity this weekend, please take a moment to remember the fallen. 

To acknowledge the incredible people who came before us and stormed the awful beaches that day. They did it for you and I and so that we could live a life of freedom and purpose.

So today’s call to action is for you to move your body. Eat good foods that will keep you nourished and healthy. Hydrate properly and get your sleep. 

This focus on your health and fitness will be the foundation of the value you can offer the world.

As when you are in a good place of mind, body, and soul, you can be of service to others by paying it forward to make our world a better place.

If we do this, the lives lost will not be in vain. Rather, their legacy will live on.

But it’s up to you and I.

Let’s make this week count.