Monday Mindset: Do you appreciate? 🤗

Monday Mindset: Do you appreciate? 🤗

Monday Mindset: Do you appreciate? 🤗 477 170 Bryce Henson

This past week I watched a very interesting personal growth podcast. 🎙

The host said something profound…

“Stop right now and appreciate all the things in your life that you once desired, but now already have”. 👊

This stopped me dead in my tracks.

Why? ⁉️ 

Well, as part of the human condition and evolutionary wiring, our metric for success always changes. 

You see.. 

You want something, and then when you get it.. Then your metric adjusts for what’s next. 

Case in point…

If you would have told me 20 years ago..

I would live in Southern California where there’s palm trees!! 🌴🌴🌴

I would be in shape and a very fit guy. 💪

I would have a loving wife who is extremely supportive. 👰‍♀️

And I would own a fitness businesses that impacts the lives of my team, clients, and community…

I would have said HECK YES, SIGN ME UP! 

And while this is all true and very fulfilling, it’s also normal now. Just part of my life and business as usual.

That’s the same for you too.

As when you achieve something, then you quickly normalize it.

In fact, as humans we always desire more. Yes, there’s an evolutionary advantage to that especially in more ancient times. But it comes with a high cost of your happiness. 

So, today’s message is to take a step back and be intentional.

Think of all the blessings in your life. Remember the days you were dreaming of where you are now..

Appreciate how far you have come and what you have acquired, even the small stuff.

That will brighten up your day with some richer perspective.

And since we live life 1 day at a time, your life is now richer. ❤️‍🩹

-Coach Bryce


PS I greatly appreciate you. And to provide a token of our appreciation, my team and I are hosting a Client Appreciation party to celebrate you and all our clients Friday November 12. Sign up at the front desk this week so we appreciate our time together ☺