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Monday Mindset: Do you see these RESULTS?! We are 747.3 lbs. LIGHTER!!!!

Happy Monday!

It’s a short week because of the holidays, so extra important we the most of our work, family and friend time! Let’s make every moment count!!

And yes, as we enter the holidays, yes you should enjoy them! Be present and focused at spending time with your love ones.

But also, be kind to yourself. You can have some dessert and foods you don’t normally eat, but just remember your body isn’t a garbage disposal either.

Sometimes we find ourselves (myself included) in an “all bets are off” mentality and easy to think we can fill ourselves past any limit, just because its available.

That’s should not be the case; especially as we enter a new year/decade and FRESH off some incredible Fall Challenge results which I want to highlight again today as they were so impressive!!!

To give some insight; this past year, we launched our “Direct Macro Counting” Nutritional Coaching Protocol for the challenges, and being Nutrition is the biggest driver in weight/fat loss; the results were ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!

We will continue to use this Nutrition Coaching Protocol for our Challenges (New Year New You) being our next one which kicks off 2020 in January; and yet just another way for Fit Body Boot Camp to stand out and help YOU, our incredible clientele!

And the best news is that after the challenge in the spring, plan to launch the Nutrition Coaching Program for those clients who need more help and accountability with their nutrition throughout all times of the year, (not just challenges) so stay tuned!!

2020 is going to be AMAZING; filled with more health, fitness and RESULTS!!!!

That all in mind, below is a recap of our Fall Challenge success! I share it with you to

1) acknowledge all the hard work of not only the winners, but everyone who participated &

2) inspire you to enjoy the holidays, but so that your MINDSET is set to STRONG!! This way you are aware of your limits so that we are not digging ourselves any big fitness holes that need to be dug out of as we start the New Year and New Decade!!!

As such, for all 3 camps, we lost a combined 747.3 lbs. during the challenge!!! And the average person lost 7lbs who participated!!!

**To give some context, the average American gains 4-5lbs throughout the year which compounds year after year.

That is a GIANT WIN for YOU and our CAMP! WAHOO!!

And the winners below were calculated as a percentage lost against their starting measurements (to keep it fair across the board).

Yorba Linda

1st       Brett    McCormick     7.7 lbs. and 4.4 body fat percentage down

2nd      Ruben  Martinez         20.7 lbs. and 5.2 body fat percentage down

3rd       Yogi     Hawkins           6 lbs. and 7.8 body fat percentage down

Mission Viejo

1st       Russell Crabtree          29.4 lbs. and 10.6 body fat percentage down

2nd      Christine Canlas          17.2 lbs. and 7.4 body fat percentage down

3rd       Kylee Briney                17.3 lbs. and 6.2 body fat percentage down

San Marcos

1st       Sal Cervantes              14.6 lbs. and 4.8 body fat percentage down

2nd        Tanya  Battaglia         7.5 lbs. and 7.6 body fat percentage down

2nd        Chris Holman              17.3 lbs. and 6.5 body fat percentage down

3rd       Garret Redder            11.6 lbs. and 3.1 body fat percentage down

CONGRATS to our winners, and EVERYONE who participated as our fit family is so supportive so LOVE and GRATITUDE to all!

Let’s make it an AMAZING week and ENJOY the time with your family/friends!!

Coach Bryce



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