Monday Mindset – Don’t worry…. Be Happy..

Monday Mindset – Don’t worry…. Be Happy..

Monday Mindset – Don’t worry…. Be Happy.. 413 276 Bryce Henson

I had a different Monday Mindset originally scheduled telling a story about change, how uncomfortable it can be, but how important it is for growth and to provide some passionate inspiration.

And I still plan to send it, but wanted to change gears today and lighten the vibe.

 For me and being very open, this approach is not typically in my nature as I am factory installed with a high degree of intensity & very little light heartedness. That’s the ugly truth but a benefit of having some self-awareness. 😎

And this is especially tough, after receiving some sour news about a friend over the weekend.

Now even though it will continue to be a tough situation for him in the foreseeable future, I decided to take a deep breath and realize everything is going to be ok.

As that’s the truth, everything will be ok.

So todays message is some coaching for myself today that will help you too as I just stumbled upon this classic song by Bobby McFerrin.

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

While easier said than done, it’s true.

You are in control of your happiness, and not outside factors.

And just like a tough workout that positively changes your state of mind and well- being…

Music can do that too, so would HIGHLY encourage you to slow it down for 4 minutes on this Monday and change your state by clicking here.

-Coach Bryce

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.