Monday Mindset: Have the post-holiday blues?

Monday Mindset: Have the post-holiday blues?

Monday Mindset: Have the post-holiday blues? 956 960 Bryce Henson

Happy Monday and hope you had an incredible 4th of July weekend!

We are certainly going through some interesting times and it is clear that our country has issues like the rest of the world.

But all things considered, we are very blessed to live in such an incredible place and extremely important we don’t lose sight of that.

Now looking back, a holiday weekend gives us the opportunity to indulge in BBQ’s, desserts, and maybe even sleep…

But why are you so tired now?

Staying up later, travel, alcohol, over-eating, and sugar – which we tend to experience during a holiday weekend – can all disrupt us from getting quality (restorative) sleep. A few gatherings around town, and an extra snack here-and-there… and before you know it, the weekend has come-and-gone leaving us with a feeling of fatigue.

You’re not alone.

The overwhelming majority of people are normally under-rested (chances are this means you), and the truth is under-sleeping can slow down your metabolism. Sleep is vitally important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and even more important in the regulation of hormones (cortisol & growth hormone) essential to repair tissue, strengthen your immune system, and boost your metabolism. That’s right, quality sleep ensures your immune system is STRONG and BOOSTS your metabolism!

So here are this week’s 3-keys to get you back to your habits:

● 3 – workouts this week (minimum)
● Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water
● Get 7-8 hours of sleep each day

Sure, you might feel a little groggy right now, but when you focus on these 3 cornerstone habits, you’ll be feeling better in no-time!

Committed to your success,
Coach Bryce