Monday Mindset: How a $400/month online coaching program changed my life…

Monday Mindset: How a $400/month online coaching program changed my life…

Monday Mindset: How a $400/month online coaching program changed my life… 1024 768 Bryce Henson

Happy Monday!

I have shared my original fitness story before, so some of you might remember my first physical transformation started in January 2007 after a year of living “depressed in Los Angeles” without any prior exposure to a fitness program. And through good fortune, a dear friend who was incredibly fit moved to Orange County, and over a 6-month journey, introduced me to weight training, and clean eating..

Adam’s coaching foundationally changed my life…

But it wasn’t until January of 2012, while living abroad and my fitness getting stale (same routine and diet was slacking) that I took the ultimate leap in coaching which gave me confidence to start my own fitness coaching program called Fit Body Boot Camp!

At the time and very truthfully, my fitness was suffering considering the big move abroad, and I knew I needed a coach to recharge my work outs, provide more accountability and give coaching on nutrition..

The problem was, my Brazilian Portuguese wasn’t too strong at that time, and while I could converse, I couldn’t truly engage in meaningful conversation. So finding a personal trainer at my gym wasn’t the best solution due to the language barrier.

And knowing I had another 8 months before I returned to California, I decided that it was too long a stretch for my fitness (and life) to suffer….

So while it wasn’t my first choice, I started looking online, and found 2 fitness and nutrition coaches based in the States, Rob & Kim. They had create an online fitness coaching program called Jet Set Body.

Candidly, it was a steep investment for me ($400/month) which they provided & programmed a daily work out, a monthly meal plan and a weekly coaching call.  And after much diligence, research and seeing other results from their program, I ended up taking the leap of faith, pinched my pennies, and signed up for it!

While excited to get going, admittedly it took me a few weeks to get into full swing into the program as I hit some road blocks, as my only other coaching experience was with my friend Adam back in 2007.

Ultimately, the work outs were hard, they were delivered in a new format and I had to get uncomfortable as the food programming followed a different philosophy I was accustomed to..

And while I didn’t expect that going in, I am glad I set my mindset that I would follow the coaching program to the fullest degree for the first 90 days to give it a fair shot, and then reassess as needed; which is exactly what I did.

Just like anything in life, very candidly, it took me a few weeks to adjust to the regiment & coaching and I almost quit on a few occasions.. But by the 3rd month I was in full force and the results started to come through like I had hoped.

The weekly check ins, work outs, meal plan accountability was the kick in the butt I needed to dial in my fitness. As such, I ended up staying with their coaching program for a full year right up until Tatiana and I launched our first in-person training & coaching program (aka Yorba Linda Fit Body Boot Camp) at the very end of that year upon returning to California.

So as it turns out, this online coaching program was a major factor and catalyst in giving me the confidence I needed to launch FBBC and a big reason I am writing you this email today.

Friends, this is a 1000% true story and even included a shirt less “after” picture as Kim asked me to take for their social proof site (which I am partially embarrassed to include at the risk of coming off vain). And an additional pic with Rob and Kim a few years ago, as we first met “online” but became “real in person” friends until this day.

So my message today is that we all need a coach in life…

Someone to push us further than we would push ourselves. Someone to challenge us. Sometime to add accountability in a zone of their genius (not ours). And someone to call us on our BS when life’s “excuses” pile up.

As ultimately, many times the excuses can be very legitimate road blocks. But these legitimate roadblocks (aka excuses) will continue to stand in your way of success unless you push through them or find a way around them (however uncomfortable that is in the moment).

This is my story on how fitness coaching changed my life. And my team and I’s burning passion is that we can serve you in the same way. Whether online (for the moment), and/or at our brick and mortar location.

Head up, we are IN THIS and STRONGER TOGETHER!


-Coach Bryce