Monday Mindset: How do you eat an elephant? (2020 plan)

Monday Mindset: How do you eat an elephant? (2020 plan)

Monday Mindset: How do you eat an elephant? (2020 plan) 1024 662 Bryce Henson

Happy New Year and excited for big things happening in 2020!!

Lots of movement going on here at Fit Body Boot Camp including our New Year New You Challenge which launches on Jan 20; and would encourage you to join! It’s also strategically timed to launch when it does, as the average American typically gives up on their New Year Resolution by the 3rd week of January. Ouch!!

Why that is?

Well, most people try to create these GIANT, and ELABORATE plans to completely 180 degree changes in their habits given their goals for the entire year.  And when the going gets tough (which it does for everyone), and a full YEAR seems extremely overwhelming, we end up throwing in the towel.

However, this year, it will be different!!!


Well, I’m sure you have heard the saying, how do you eat an elephant:?  **Which in this case, signifies a MASSIVE goal/timeline.

The answer:

1 bite at a time!!

That is why here at Team Henson FBBC, we are implementing a strategy by famous author and business coach Gino Wickman. In this strategy called “EOS”,  instead of planning for the entire year (which the yearly vision is still created); we actually set specific 90 day goals. Basically, chunking the year into bite size goals.

This way, we have clear focus and achievable action items for the first 90 days of 2020. Then at the end of March, our leadership team meets again, and will plan the next 90 day goals; and the process repeats every 90 days.

To provide insight, aside from daily operations, our leadership created 4 priorities to implement in late December for the first 90 days of 2020 which are:

  • Execute a very successful NYNY Challenge with over 250 challengers that get MASSIVE results for our clients (goal is to beat our 757 lb Fall Challenge Result).
  • Implement a better onboarding process, where every person gets a Nutrition and Goals Setting session (to provide better service, results and coaching to our clients).
  • Run 1 BIG community/social event for our clients per each location (to build more community and deeper friendships at camp).
  • Create more love, praise, and recognition for our members by creating a Wall of Achievement for clients who have lost 25lbs, 50lbs, 75lbs, and 100lbs (as we know what gets praised gets repeated)!

So, for our boot camps, these are our 4 priorities to execute by March 31. Then we meet again, reflect and create another 90 day action plan….

The beautiful thing and why the system has achieved so much success in other people & companies, as chunking the year in bite size parts makes things more manageable, so the success rate is higher.

In addition, if something unexpected comes up and we get thrown off track (which life does happen), instead of throwing in the towel for the whole year, we only underperform in the 90 day window. Then we get back up, dust off and create our marching orders for the next 90 days!!

So, I share this strategy today as a strong recommendation for you to do the same!! If you haven’t already, think about what you want to accomplish for the year, and then create bite sized, 90 day goals that you desire to complete by March 31 which will create more traction and success in your life!

My strong recommendation, 1 of them should be to enroll in our NYNY Challenge so you can start the New Year right with strong fitness and RESULTS!

And the beautiful thing, is we will be checking in with you every quarter with updates on our 90 day planning, this way you have visibility and will serve as a reminder for you to do the same!

Happy New Year friends, or should I say Happy Quarter 1 of 2020?!   😉

Coach Bryce