Monday Mindset – How to eat an elephant? (the secret to your 2021)

Monday Mindset – How to eat an elephant? (the secret to your 2021)

Monday Mindset – How to eat an elephant? (the secret to your 2021) 808 850 Bryce Henson


I hope you enjoyed the holidays and your New Year Celebration with your family/friends whatever it may have been as you deserve it! 🎉🎉

Now here we are, 2020 is gone, all our problems have ended and life is smooth sailing from here..

We can now kick back our feet, and let the good times roll with absolutely nothing to worry about…..


As much as I wish it were true, I am going to tell you something you already know, life is not that easy!

COVID and many of the other problems of 2020 are still here to be solved.💪

This is inclusive of the American obesity rate now closing in on 45% of the adults in our country which is the largest health crisis statistically by an enormity, that in my humble opinion the media should be spending most of its time on.

As obesity complicates every disease, adds incredible stress to nearly every existing health condition, and is the foundational health issue that is the catalyst to the kill rate of millions of Americans pre maturely every year via Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, COVID, Diabetes, etc., that has actually gotten worse this past year…

That said, while that’s the tough news, the good news is that there is light being you have the ability to help the cause! 💡💡

The New Year is here which represents a new chapter. In fact, you are stronger than the year before. You realize that health and wellness is everything and 2021 is going to be YOUR YEAR to get/stay fit! 🎉🎉

So while you are all fired up, where do you even start?  Yes, it can be a little overwhelming (or a lot) to eat the proverbial elephant.

But just as the saying goes, you eat an elephant one bite at a time.

So my question to you which is also the secret to your 2021…

Is what can you do for the month of January that is just 1 bite that will get you closer to your 2021 dream health level and body? 🥕

  • Could it be just to drink 2 more glasses of water per day?
  • How about starting with 1 more boot camp session per week?
  • What about ONLY tracking your food for the month, so you get a baseline on how much you consume?
  • Or how about reducing your fast food consumption just 1 meal per week?
  • What if you drank just 1 protein shake with a scoop of greens every day?

While the new chapter is here and full of excitement, I know the challenge of setting a giant goal can feel overwhelming..

So I am here to remind you that even the tallest building in the world [the Burj Khalifa in Dubai], started construction by removing 1 payload of dirt to create the foundation.

So my call to action for you today is to set just 1 health/fitness goal just through the end of January as your foundation. Make it manageable so you can hit it with some effort & focus, and let’s stack a few wins, and the momentum of January will set up your 2021 for the best one yet!! 🔥

And remember, if you need any help with your fitness goals, please reply to the message as we are here to help!!

Committed to your success,

-Coach Bryce