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Monday Mindset: Humanity

Happy Monday!

I don’t watch too much TV, but Tatiana introduced me to a comedian on Saturday night via Netflix, named Trevor Noah. If you haven’t heard of him, I would google search him immediately as he is absolutely hilarious!  He is also the host of The Daily Show, an American satirical news program on Comedy Central.

Trevor is from Johannesburg South Africa and is an extremely talented, funny, and articulate man.  He also possesses a fascinating story as he was born to a black mother and white father in 1984, which was a year before Apartheid ended.

He authored the NY Times Best Seller “Born a Crime” as having a biracial family was illegal at that period of time in South Africa. As such, his father couldn’t live with the family and when going on outings in public, so had to hide the details of their family.

Being candid, it saddens me to think of the struggle he endured and the cosmic injustice of that period of human history; which is extremely, extremely recent in the grand scheme of things…

But I am so blown away at his perspective, and positive outlook on life he chose to adopt. Because while on one hand, he doesn’t truly associate with anyone class or ethnicity completely…

But on the other hand, can relate and associate with many. This is an addition to diverse cultural upbringing, as prevalent in the African context, and the fact that he speaks the 6 languages of English, Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, Tsonga, Afrikaans, and finally German, being his father is Swiss.

All this to say that he associates with many types of people and consequently adopted a true humanitarian outlook on life, citing that both his mixed background and travel changed his life due to being exposed to many walks of life, which he also incorporates in his comedy!

And one of many big takeaways from his story and something I believe wholeheartedly is that travel one of the best teachers in the world.

It humbles you, instantly relieving to you that it is not the center of the universe. As it turns out, there are other ways to think, talk, act, worship, and perform rituals; far outside the little bubble you or I grew up in, wherever that may have been. And there is extreme value in that blended perspective.

So, my call to action today is to be like Trevor and adopt a true student of the world mentality, seeking for and learning about other people’s perspectives.

And whether you are 22 or 72, take care of yourself. Eat well and exercise so that you have the health & ability to travel the world, explore and learn about as many people and cultures as humanly possible.  As our world needs more peace, empathy and understanding. And thank you, Trevor, for helping lead the way, and helping bridge the gap in humanity!

Make it an incredible week!

-Coach Bryce



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