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Monday Mindset – Humility and Coaching (Great teachers)

Happy Monday!


I originally had a different topic for today but over the weekend experienced a moment of great humility and value, so wanted to share the value with you!


On Sunday morning, after grabbing a boot camp circuit, I finished off my work out by going for a 1.1 mile run around a nearby lake. I have lived here for over 7 years, and until COVID never ran around it with any sort of consistency so this has been a benefit of the current situation.


In any case, I was about ¼ around the lake when a gentleman on the same path flew by me to my right. It startled me for a second, and then when I focused in, I finally realized what had happened..


While I couldn’t tell his exact age at the time, but with a lean muscular frame and a full head of silver hair, I could tell he had a few years on me. And I didn’t fully realize he was pushing 60 years young, until later in the run when we connected for a brief moment as I thanked him for the push.


Anyway, once he flew by me, my competitive nature became extremely disappointed in myself for dogging it, so I doubled my pace to catch him. And for the next ½ mile, I followed at a 15 yard distance behind him as I worked hard JUST to keep his pace.

This man was so inspiring!


And being very honest with you, there were even a few moments where I had the impulse to slow back down given his impressive speed. But the big taste of humble pie wouldn’t allow and finished the lap together.


And while this gentleman had no idea at the time, he was coaching me to be better. He was leading the way, he was running hard, he was pushing himself and all while being nearly twice my age!!


All this to say and the lesson today is two fold.


  1. Sometimes a swift kick in the butt with a large dose of humble pie is good for the soul. It stings at first, but if embraced, being humbled can be a great tool for growth.
  2. You never know who is watching. This man certainly didn’t know that he left an incredible mark on me & certainly coached me by example to be better.


So friend, my question to you is are you the role model of health and fitness for your kids, family and coworkers?


As to whether you realize or not, and just like my experience this weekend, they are watching and your example is being followed.


Make it a fit week!


Committed to your success,


-Coach Bryce



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