Monday Mindset: I almost failed the Challenge..

Monday Mindset: I almost failed the Challenge..

Monday Mindset: I almost failed the Challenge.. 1024 768 Bryce Henson

Happy Monday!

Today we have nearly 15,000 challengers across the WORLD fired up to kick off Day 1 of our 6 Week Transformation Challenge!

With our new Fit Body Coaching App and  higher-level nutrition coaching, this will be the challenge with the best results to date!

In fact, my team and I have been going through the challenge program and have tested out the functionality & accountability over the last 3 weeks which has been incredible! No doubt there will be A TON of weight, body fat % and inches that are about to be burned up! 100%!!!!

Now speaking of challenges, I did another personal one yesterday which strengthened my body, mind and soul.

A 1,105 push up EMOM challenge at BK Strength led by US Navy Seal and The Project/LTD instructor Ray Care. This guy is an absolute BEAST!

Now, I am a very fit and conditioned guy, but after 550 push-ups, my triceps physically could not push my upper body up anymore.

Was I frustrated? YES

Did I quit? Absolutely NOT

So for the last 30 sets, I transitioned to 30 second plank EMOM which totaled 15 minutes of planking. I still hit my shoulders, tri’s and core and got a great work out and really pushed myself in the process.

The learning lesson is failure is only giving up. As being successful requires you to keep pushing forward by doing what you can with what you have.

The conditions are never perfect. You might be extremely unconditioned when starting. Your nutrition may be terrible, and you might think you will be able to find success.

Or you might be more fit than the average person so need to push yourself more. Ultimately, you are on a unique path, so the only challenge is with yourself.

So regardless of the temporary circumstances, you MUST work like he** to execute the plan, and when you hit a roadblock (which you definitely will)…do NOT put your hands up and throw in the towel.

Rather dig deep, get creative, adjust, transition and find an alternate path still heading toward the desired result.


PS Some AMAZING info about Facility Reopening Plans are coming tomorrow, so stay tuned J

PSS That’s my best tough guy face, as rest assured I will be working on my tricep strength over the next 30 days, so watch out!!