Monday Mindset – “I didn’t want to be the fat mom..”

Monday Mindset – “I didn’t want to be the fat mom..”

Monday Mindset – “I didn’t want to be the fat mom..” 846 540 Bryce Henson

I am excited to share some client success stories with you over the next 6 weeks from our locations here in Yorba Linda and Mission Viejo Fit Body Boot Camp’s.


But first, I have a few questions for you..


Have you ever felt embarrassed of the way you looked?

How about uncomfortable in your own skin?

Did you ever have the feeling of wanting to be a better spouse or parent while making your kids proud?

How about “not wanting to be the fat mom or dad?”


If so, you are not alone. 


In fact, that’s exactly how Heather felt before she started Fit Body Boot Camp.


Work, kids, life… it’s a lot and she admittedly hadn’t made the time for her.

But that changed when she decided enough was enough, and walked through our doors.


She then tapped into the support of our coaches, and put in the work. She created a consistent schedule with the 5:15am session daily. And in the process, achieved incredible success with a group of supportive campers she now calls friends!


Please watch her 3 minute video story below and some words of inspiration:


“I lost 50 lbs. And the biggest benefit is how I feel. I can throw on a pair of jeans and be happy.


I can now take pictures with my kids and not be embarrassed. The biggest benefit is the personal good feeling inside!”


===>  Heather’s Story


-Coach Bryce

PS If you have a story you would like to inspire our family with; please click HERE.


PSS looking for a change and need fitness, nutrition and mindset support?