Monday Mindset: Intentional or Conditional?

Monday Mindset: Intentional or Conditional?

Monday Mindset: Intentional or Conditional? 919 1024 Bryce Henson

This past weekend was exceptional as I had the opportunity to MC the High Performance Summit led by Bedros Keulian & Wes Watson where I gave the opening keynote..

If you haven’t heard of Wes, he is a MEGA successful fitness coach and entrepreneur. 💯

In fact, he’s known as “America’s Most Famous Felon”. 

Yes, that’s right, he was a self proclaimed “gangster’ without direction in his youth. He fell to the streets of gangs and the drug trade. 😱

And after being caught and then serving 10 years in the California State Penitentiary, he had an “ah-hah ” during serving his time in society. 

Midway through his sentence, he had an “awakening” and his focus turned 180 degrees from the negative to the positive. 

His biggest message from the stage? 👇

Most people live conditional lives NOT intentional ones.

“Sorry I’m a late boss, traffic was bad.” Traffic was the condition. 

“I overate last night because of my friend’s B day celebration.” Your friend was the condition.

“I slept through my alarm because my spouse wanted to watch some Netflix last night.” Your spouse is the condition.

Instead, when you take the approach of “self mastery” and living an intentional life, things change and results happen!

To illustrate his point, he closed his opening teaching with the story of the day he was released. As the latter ½ of his prison term he began to work on self improvement, reading and bettering himself.
So much so that he developed a rock solid mindset that the “condition” of the prison wasn’t a cause of pain. It was a source of his personal growth.

No, he didn’t desire to stay in prison for the rest of his life..

But when the warden came to let him know he was released after 10 years.  

He did not jump up immediately (condition), he calmly thanked the warden. But said he needed to finish his last meal to ensure he got his proper protein in (which he tracked his food even in prison).

So he calmly finished his meal and then 20 minutes later, got up and was released. 💪

Self mastery and intentionality as its finest.

This is an example of a transformation towards intention and away from condition. ⚡️

I hope you are inspired to do the same!

-Coach Bryce

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