Monday Mindset: New beginnings

Monday Mindset: New beginnings

Monday Mindset: New beginnings 768 1024 Bryce Henson

Happy Monday!

New beginnings can be very exciting, happy, nerve racking, and even scary!


And all of these emotions were captured last week when I met my nephew Ryder this past Friday evening! He was born on Friday, September 11, in the year 2020.


Can you believe that!? What a date huh? :p


Well it turns out, his presence in our world is the good luck we all need to turn the energy around back to the blue skies and rainbows ahead!

Can you feel it?!  I can!!! 🙂


As such, I am super happy for my sister Emma and her fiance Bobby. And even more happy to welcome Ryder into the world as his life marks a new beginning in our family. My first official nephew, first grandson for my mother and first child for my sister Emma.

And yes, I am a VERY happy and proud uncle!!!


That in mind, today marks another new beginning as we have thousands of challengers here in Southern California and across North America, embarking on our last 8 Week Transformation Challenge of the year.


Nutrition Coaching and accountability is the foundation of the challenge program, with the goal of collectively adding to the 311,000 lbs weight loss metric previously lost with our programs to date.


And our goal is to cross the ½ million pound mark by its completion in mid November. Yes, we have our work cut out for us, but know we can do it!


As such, and with all the movements, in today’s message I wanted to point out that change is a part of life. In fact, it’s the only constant even though human nature tends to resist it, myself included. And this is especially why one of our core values is to Embrace and Drive Change. As without this mindset, we will all be left behind especially in today’s fast paced, technologically driven world.

So my call to action today is to embrace change, embrace the new and when you do, you become more open to all life has to offer and the new blessings in store!

We are here for you and make it a GREAT week!


Coach Bryce