Monday Mindset: Results & Community.

Monday Mindset: Results & Community.

Monday Mindset: Results & Community. 598 200 Bryce Henson

On Friday morning I caught a plane from San Antonio, Texas back home to Orange County. ✈️

I was with our Franchise Business Coaches helping build more systems that will support our clients in their fitness & fat loss pursuit.


As this is why people join our fitness program…


We produce fitness and fat loss results.


But there’s another reason why people stay at boot camp.


And that’s because of the community.

Humans are very social. We are tribal at our core.

So in an effort to create more relationships and build an even stronger community.. We hosted a client appreciation party on Friday night to celebrate. 🎉


It was a wonderful event and had nearly 75 people in attendance.

The mission was simple: Celebrate you and our clients for all the hard work you put forth each and every day.


We ate.

We mingled.

We danced.

We created stronger relationships.

And we recognized the hard work of our VIP members and team.

It was a magical evening. 🪄


And whether you were in attendance or not.. 


I wanted to thank you. 🙏

Thank you for trusting us with your health and fitness.


And thank you for being part of our community.


My team and I greatly appreciate you. ✨


Have a great start to your week.


-Coach Bryce


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