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Monday Mindset – Silver Linings


 I cannot believe March is here and is nearly a year since COVID began to wreak havoc on our world, which got me reflecting…

And having come down with it 2 months ago, like many of our community & world, I know first-hand what a nasty bug it is which has caused so much heartache and loss from a health and physical perspective. 

It’s also crushed or severely impacted many small businesses inclusive of ours, which the economic effects have not fully been seen yet and will last for years to come.

And while no one wishes it happened, there’s always good in the bad if you choose to look for it.

Here are 3 of my silver linings.  

Value of our health

 While there’s been much fear put out and some for good reason as the bug has killed 500,000 in the US.  The positive side is this has really opened our consciousness to putting value on our health. 

In fact, Elon Musk, the current richest man in the world, has nothing without his health. 

Furthermore, the CDC reports that at the current moment, nearly 45% of our country is statistically obese. Which means 147 MILLION people are on pace to die prematurely in our country because of it.

Really makes you think huh? 

While that might sound grim, the figure above isn’t some invisible boogeyman. In fact, that’s why the media barely covers it. 

The SILVER LINING is that it’s 100% preventable and completely within your control. 

Exercise 3+ times per week with muscle building activity, eat nutrient dense foods, hydrate and limit/eliminate simple sugars. 

Problem solved and 147 Million lives saved & extended. 

My sincere hope, which would be an incredibly large positive, is that COVID wakes our country up to the value of taking care of ourselves so we are healthy enough to fight disease and live healthier. 


The pandemic has shown both plenty of examples good and bad leadership. 

From the bad perspective, it’s not hard to look at the news to see many acts of incredulous hypocrisy from our state officials including our very own governor. 

Do what I say and not what I do” type of mentality. 

While it enraged many people and rightfully so. 

There’s a lesson… 

Be the type of person who walks your talk and with a high degree of morale authority.. 

As the reality is you can tell your kids/family to “eat your veggies” until your blue in the face, but if you don’t actually eat your veggies, they won’t. They are watching.

Sometimes bad examples prove as silver linings on what type of behavior to avoid.

Value of time

As I was heading down to Brazil to visit Tatiana’s family for Christmas to make good on a promise I made to her mom in 2012, I was rerouted away from a blizzard in NYC and through Mexico City on a 12 hour unexpected layover, ouch! 

But I decided to make a bad situation good and took the opportunity to hire a driver on the cheap for a 6 hour tour, as I had never been there before. 

And at one of the famous churches near downtown, and with everyone masked up, it dawned on me how precious life and time is. 

From California, to Brazil, to New York, to Mexico City and beyond..

The entire human race battling together. Facing adversity and completely vulnerable.  And we know this deep down to be true, but the visual in a foreign land, was a stark reminder that we are promised nothing. 

Today is all we have. In the face of crisis, only the important things in life surface.

So your call to action today is to live with urgency, take chances, be kind and love. And for goodness sake, LIVE as if your life depends on it. Because in the end, it does.

Of course, there are many more silver linings of the past year but a few that were top of mind. I would love to hear yours.

Make it a GREAT Monday and week!

-Coach Bryce



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