Monday Mindset: The $177 Billion Dollar Health Crisis

Monday Mindset: The $177 Billion Dollar Health Crisis

Monday Mindset: The $177 Billion Dollar Health Crisis 574 478 Bryce Henson


Happy Monday!

If you read the subject line… no I’m not talking about COVID. In fact, todays message has very little to do with that topic so let me explain….

But before I do and with a little back story, I have a busy few weeks ahead as I will be delivering a few trainings to our team in addition to many owners and coaches within our brand.

Like always, I am very excited to pour into our Fit Body fitness professionals on a mission to Inspire Fitness and Changes Lives. So this week I will be preparing and updating the content for the 8 long days of trainings over the next month!

And one of the new presentations I just created touches on the value of fitness coaching, so our teams really understand the incredible impact they are making around the country and world.

Not to be fair, this content was recommended by a good friend of mine and owner of a few Fit Body Boot Camps in Georgia when I was there in February.

Since feedback creates growth and thought it a good idea, I went to work and have crafted this presentation called “There is a Need”.

Now in preparation for this content and being glued to the CDC for the last few months, I have been reviewing a lot of health data. The actual presentation has very little to do with COVID, rather obesity rates, health care costs, exercise, depression and national security statics.

And the sad truth is they are downright scary.

As not to downplay our current pandemic, but looking at data, I believe the real health crisis our country will face over the next 10-20 years will be dealing with this mess of compounding poor health choices by our citizens. This unfortunately creates poor living standards and will tax the suffering individual and our health care system.

And this of course, also adds complexity to our immune systems which puts our population even more at risk when COVID or the next pandemic hits. Which studying history, is inevitable.

Just a brief example with all research below coming straight from the CDC directly, as of 2018 the adult obesity rate in the US hit 43% and the trends have keep rising as of the last 20 years.

Which means if the trend continues which the data points to, when the 2019 studies are published, we will be even closer to 50% of our adult population being obese.

Additionally and sadly, 88 million Americans are pre-diabetic and 34.2 million have preventable diabetes.

In fact, only 23% of American adults meet the Physical Activity Guidelines of 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity (or 100 minutes of high intensity) with at least 2 days of the week requiring muscle strengthen activities, which along with nutrition, is the main culprit for this.

This is also affecting mental health as there are 47,173 suicides per year linked to poor health and fitness. And many deaths are happening, and completely avoidable IF every person would hit the physical activity guidelines.

These preventable deaths include:

· 1 in 10 premature deaths
· 1 in 8 breast cancer deaths
· 1 in 15 heart disease deaths

And looking at the financial impact, the overall cost to the health care system is an extra $177 BILLION dollars annually due to inadequate physical activity which specific to obesity breaks down $1,429/year in extra health costs.

So being health and fit actually saves you money!!

And to top it off, the CDC reports that this is actually becoming a national security threat as 25% of young adults are not lean enough to serve.

So while this data is very depressing, there is silver lining which is the goal of this message.

This is all preventable and within our control.

And you reading this content shows you are part of the solution!

You are taking care of yourself. You are exercising regularly, eating lean proteins, fruits and veggies. You are drinking enough drinking water and inspiring others to do the same which prevents everything listed above.

And as I told my team yesterday when I presented some of this info, which also applies to you:

“Team – moral of the story: there is a GIANT NEED for what we do which is to help shape the LIVES of our clients!!!

YOU have THE MOST IMPORTANT JOBS IN THE WORLD so do not forget that!!!!”

Head up, onward and keep let’s make it a FIT week!

-Coach Bryce