Monday Mindset – The Battle Against Obesity

Monday Mindset – The Battle Against Obesity

Monday Mindset – The Battle Against Obesity 150 150 Bryce Henson

Happy Mindset Monday! 

While COVID continues and always will like any virus, it’s clear the cases and emotions are fading which will allow more data and facts to be brought to the forefront for us to review. ✅

And for as much as the media made COVID a giant focus over the last 2 years..

One thing that I find very interesting as a fitness professional, is that there was very little discussion about the root issue of the bigger concern from a health & fitness perspective.

Aside from the elderly, the obese were by far the most affected. 😥

In fact, I just read an article stating that 78% of hospital visits and severe reactions including death from COVID were sadly from people suffering from obesity. 💯

From my fitness professional perspective, I think that was a big, missed opportunity for the media not to put major attention on the root issue especially for all the fear that was spread. 

As from a statistical perspective, more people died due to Obesity during the last 2 years, which was also at the root of most of the COVID issues so a compounded problem. 😳

So the fact remains that there is still a big health problem in our country at the root of this and other sicknesses as obesity compromises the immune systems of those affected. 💯

This is exactly why have created our world-famous Fit Body Transformation Challenges. As they focus on mindset, nutrition, coaching, community, results, and weight loss.

And since launching brand-wide in 2019, we have shed over 100,000 lbs. collectively as a brand. And 25,000 inches and 17,000 lbs. dropped alone specifically from our last Fall Challenge.

So, we are beyond excited for the momentum to continue as we begin our Spring Challenge this coming Monday, March 28!

If you didn’t see the story Yahoo News picked up earlier this year, give it a look that tells the bigger story. 

== > Yahoo News – Fit Body Transformation Results

If you need some mindset, nutrition, and fitness coaching with some community and fun competition, our Spring Challenge is for you.

Make it a great week!

-Coach Bryce