Monday Mindset: THE BIG LIE: Boot Camp (or any exercise) makes you lose weight

Monday Mindset: THE BIG LIE: Boot Camp (or any exercise) makes you lose weight

Monday Mindset: THE BIG LIE: Boot Camp (or any exercise) makes you lose weight 521 249 Bryce Henson


And yes, you read that correctly…

While boot camp and/or exercise burns calories; the reality of the situation is that the fitness industry has been marketing exercise very wrong regarding its claims on driving weight loss for many years.

Yes, typically people who work out, tend to eat better on average since they are investing in themselves; so there is a bunch of researching showing there is a big and distinct correlation.

But the reality of the situation is that NUTRITION is BY FAR the #1 factor in weight loss and/or body composition change, NOT exercise!

So if you have ever heard the phrase: “You cannot out train a bad diet.”…

Well, there is much truth to this. And this is a paradigm shift that is so little, but CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!

That all said, the good news though (and not to bash boot camp) is that research is showing exercise is the single most beneficial thing you can do for your brain, to be healthier, happier and live longer (aside from quitting smoking); so there is MASSIVE MASSIVE value in it, aside from the correlation above. As when you do exercise, your brain works better, producing more clarity, energy and higher cognitive function. These are all incredible things!

In addition to the fact that when you combine a boot camp regiment with clean nutrition, the results are compounded!!

But if you are looking to lose weight, burn body fat, and reshape your body; clean Nutrition (not exercise alone), is the MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO!!

That all said, and since this is so important, and as we have entered a new year/decade; I wanted to set the tone to challenge you to not only exercise 4-5 times per week, but REALLY focus on your nutrition!

Lean Proteins, veggies, fruits and plenty of water (half your body weight in ounces), will do wonders for your physique if you are looking to burn fat, lean out, or better your body composition!

And if you need more help, guidance, or accountability, I would highly recommend you reply to this email ASAP.

We have an 8-week nutrition coaching program launching this week (referred to as the New Year New You Challenge).

So if you do need more help, support, a custom meal plan based off your body type/measurements, and weekly coaching; the TIME IS NOW as we are here to help!!

But regardless whether or not you join our nutrition coaching program; it is time to work out, drink water, and clean up that nutrition as NUTRITION is the real secret to your success!!!

Make it a GREAT WEEK!!

Coach Bryce

PS Click HERE for just 1 of countless studies on weight loss versus exercise!!