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Monday Mindset – The Chinese Bamboo Tree.

Happy Monday!
You know what that means?
Time to get that mind right as we kick off a new week!
This coaching story comes from one of the greatest speakers of all time, Mr. Les Brown- you can read through below and then be sure to watch this video to see the man in action. 
It was sent by my good friend Tom and thought would get value so passing it along..
The Chinese bamboo tree:
In the far east, they have Chinese bamboo trees.
The Chinese bamboo tree takes 5 years to grow.
It requires that someone waters and fertilizes the ground every single day.
The crazy part is that the bamboo doesn’t break through the ground until the 5th year.
But once it breaks through the ground, within 5 weeks it grows 90 feet tall.
Now the question is does it grow 90 feet tall in five weeks, or five years?
Some may say 5 weeks, some may say 5 years, but the answer is…
It grows 90 feet tall in 5 years.
Because at any time, if the watering and nurturing and fertilizing stopped, that bamboo tree would’ve died in the ground.
So, the question is..
How long have you been working on your dream?
  • Are you tending to your soil, and doing the daily work required to have the big breakthrough?
  • How many times have slowed down or wanted to give up because you didn’t see results?
  • But- what if- tomorrow, next week, next month, or this year is the time when you see the big breakthrough?
What if it’s just one more decision away.
Because we know that things never happen as quickly as we want them to happen.
But.. If we keep tending to our soil, when that breakthrough comes, watch out, because there is no turning back!
Be like bamboo, take your time, tend your soil, and then grow like crazy!
Much love and gratitude for you in the new year.
-Coach Bryce
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