Monday Mindset – The Foundation & Focus of a billionaire..

Monday Mindset – The Foundation & Focus of a billionaire..

Monday Mindset – The Foundation & Focus of a billionaire.. 1024 768 Bryce Henson


Happy Monday! 🙌

This past weekend was very special.

Well over 300+ owners and coaches attended our Fit Body Annual World Conference hosted in Scottsdale, Arizona including my wife Tatiana, Coach Jake & John, and Blake (our internal Vice President).

We also had an action-packed lineup of speakers which consisted of our Founder Bedros Keuilian and our Franchise Business Coaches. Our business coaches are the most successful owners of the brand along with 1 outside keynote Jesse Itzler.

Their focus was to provide education on how to create an even better fitness program for you and our global clients.

I also had the opportunity to give 2 keynotes and MC the event as well.

Which meant for the first time ever in my life, I can say I shared the stage with a billionaire. Surreal.

Jesse’s message?

Money is an important tool in life. 💯

But it’s only a tool and not life itself.

As all the money in the world cannot buy 1) time or 2) deep relationships with loved ones, which are the 2 most important things in life.

In fact, he would trade all his wealth for the opportunity to spend more time with his father who recently passed away from Alzheimer’s.

My biggest takeaway for you? 💥

Fitness does not have to be the focus of your entire life.

However, it does need to be the foundation. ✅

As without fitness, you don’t have a foundation to spend time with & serve your family, friends, loved ones, and community.

This approach has served Jesse well and will for you too. 👊

Ahh, and here is a little recap of the experience:

== > Fit Body World Conference 2022 

-Coach Bryce

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